Bauchi NGO held town hall meeting on Violence Against Person Prohibition Act

Ikra Foundation for Women and Youth Development (IFWYD), an NGO that advocates for the right of youths and women has held a town hall meeting on Violence against Person Prohibition, (VAPP) Act in Bauchi at the State High Court.

Founder of the foundation, Bar. Amina Garuba Ahmed says the VAPP Act was enacted to checkmate certain legal inadequacies that allow offenders to instigate or pepertrate violence and also provide strife penalties for violators. Bar. Garuba said, “The VAPP act won’t be another law created but would strive to protect and cater for victims of sexual, physical mental, psychological or financial violence as case maybe”

While making remarks the representative of the State Chief Judge (Justice Rabi Talatu Umar) said the judiciary receives a lot of complains related to sexaul violence and domestics abuse but regrettably there is low prosecution because of lack of will from parent and guidance in making sure the perpetrators face the wrath of the law. He lauded it as timely and a good act that if adopted would help in addressing must cases of violence in the State.

While commenting on the concern of certain sections of the act that is against the law of Islam which is the predominant religion in the state, Bar. Garuba said, “the law must not be adopted in its entirety, it would be in a way that suit our perculiarities, culture and religion but most importantly protect victims and punish offenders.” She further stated that the town hall meeting was a collaborative effort and especially thank the USAID, USG Alumni in Bauchi, and sister local NGO’s SISWACHI, PIDI, CIG, and WCI who worked tirelessly towards ending Gender Based Violnce in Bauchi.

The NGO is calling on the esteemed people of Bauchi state to turnout for the rally on Monday 25, November at the Bauchi State House of Assembly (BAHA) by 10am prompt to push for the adoption of the VAPP Act in the state. #TogetherWeCan


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