DG PGF Urges Support For APC Caretaker Committee

The Director-General of the Progressive Governors Forum (PGF), Dr Salihu Lukman, has urged APC members and leaders to ensure that the caretaker committee completes the task of organising a national convention.

Lukman made the call in a statement in Abuja.

He described APC as the only party where contestation is taking place and leaders recognise the challenges facing the party.

He added that If democracy is about contestation, with all its problems, APC represents the hope for a democratic Nigeria.

Lukman stated: “For that to become reality, APC must pass all its litmus tests.

A strong pillar, which is the catalysing element for the party to be able to pass all its litmus tests is the liberal leadership of President Muhammadu Buhari, based on which he doesn’t interfere in the management of the party.

“No party in Nigeria has the liberal atmosphere provided in APC.

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“Whether APC will be able to pass all its litmus tests will depend a lot on whether the caretaker committee is committed to finishing its assignment by June 2021.

“Even if it is able to complete the assignment, processes of internal negotiation to produce leaders of the party, the character and capacity of the new leadership, as well as the scope of membership participation during congresses and national convention will be determining factors of whether the party is conforming to both democratic principles and progressive ideals.”

Lukman stated that the needless extension of the registration and revalidation of the party only serves to strengthen suspicions that the caretaker committee is reluctant to organise a national convention.

According to him, based on what has been done so far, the minimum requirement should be that records of members of the party are displayed in all wards and copies made available to local governments, states and national secretariats of the party.

“Under no circumstances should there be any contemplation of extending the tenure of the Caretaker Committee.

”In order to ensure that no extension is being considered, committees for congresses and national convention should be established without any further delay.

”Similarly, the dates for congresses and national convention should be decided.”
Lukman stated that once that is done, negotiations and campaigns for the emergence of party leadership at all levels can commence.

He urged the party to elect leaders that can inspire strong belief in members.

Lukman stressed that commitment to democratic principles and progressive ideals were strong requirements for both representation and responsiveness.

The PGF DG said the APC must emerge as a dynamic party, action oriented upon which it was able to engender improvements in the lives of Nigerians. (NAN)


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