Gateway Grant Boosts CCIJ’s Mission for Transparency in Nigeria’s Elections

The Center for Collaborative Investigative Journalism (CCIJ) has clinched a spot among the elite five recipients of the Gateway Grants, a game-changing initiative backed by MuckRock’s alliance with the Filecoin Foundation for the Decentralised Web (FFDW).

These grants, a trifecta of financial, technical, and editorial support, fuel projects worldwide aiming to fortify transparency and accessibility.

The collaboration signals a dedication to erecting a robust infrastructure for the perpetual preservation of humanity’s pivotal documents.

CCIJ’s West Africa Hub Takes on Nigeria’s 2023 Elections

Embarking on a mission to elevate transparency in Nigeria’s impending 2023 elections, CCIJ’s West Africa Hub is set to digitise and analyse election result papers. Armed with MuckRock’s tools, the goal is to transcribe and archive over 170,000 election documents in real time, empowering a network of newsrooms to scrutinise alleged irregularities.

Founder Jeff Kelly Lowenstein expressed gratitude, stating the Gateway Grant is instrumental in advancing their mission.

“We are honoured to be selected as a recipient of the Gateway Grant. This support will be instrumental in advancing our mission to promote transparency and accountability in the democratic process through the investigative reporting and capacity building we do with the journalists with whom we are fortunate to collaborate,” Lowenstein said.

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Aiming Beyond Numbers: CCIJ’s Nuanced Investigation Approach

Ajibola Amzat, CCIJ Africa Editor, emphasises that the investigative endeavor in Nigeria extends beyond numerical discrepancies. The project delves into multifaceted factors influencing the contested electoral outcome.

“The collaborative investigation aims to probe issues surrounding the Nigerian election beyond mere numerical discrepancies,” Amzat said, adding, “we hope our reporting will contribute to the improvement of elections not only in Nigeria, and indeed other countries outside of the continent.”

CCIJ’s approach aims to shed light on the impact of manipulative practices by the political class and collaborators, contributing to a broader understanding of the election’s fairness and integrity.

Grant’s Dual Role: Financial Backing and Technical Support

More than just financial backing, the Gateway Grant offers crucial technical assistance to CCIJ’s West Africa Hub.

The resulting open-source enhancements will be accessible to all DocumentCloud users, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the journalism community.

This dual role showcases the grant’s comprehensive support, validating CCIJ’s impactful work and commitment to journalistic innovation.

Ajibola Amzat’s Vision for Pan-African Impact

Amzat envisions the collaborative investigation not only influencing Nigeria but rippling across Africa and beyond.

By scrutinising the activities of various players, CCIJ aspires to catalyse improvements in elections globally. The Gateway Grant stands as a testament to CCIJ’s impact and paves the way for lasting journalistic innovation.

Exciting Horizons: CCIJ’s Gratitude for Gateway Grant Opportunities

Expressing excitement about the grant’s potential, CCIJ underscores the opportunities it opens up for making a lasting impact.

This Gateway Grant reaffirms CCIJ’s position at the forefront of driving change, using journalism as a powerful tool for transparency and accountability.


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