How Sokoto Business Man Lost Over N3m to Aminu Ahmed’s Mukaddas Mining and Shipping Company

Jabir Shinkafi , a Sokoto-based business owner and founder of Alyateem Charity Initiative, has narrated to WikkiTimes how he was swindled out of N3.7 million by one Aminu Ahmed, a gold miner he met online.

In June 2022, Ahmed, who claims he owns Mukaddas Mining and Shipping Company inboxed Shinkafi after a Twitter space the latter had attended. He [Ahmed] introduced himself as a gold miner.

He would later convince Shinkafi to purchase grams of raw gold after sending him pictures of himself and his mining site in “Burkina Faso and Ghana.”

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Checks on the Corporate Affairs Commission’s (CAC) website show that the company — Mukaddas Mining and Shipping Company — is not registered in Nigeria. But further findings show that the company is headquartered in Ghana. However, WikkiTimes could not ascertain whether the business is registered with Registrar-General’s Department, a unit of Ministry of Justice that archives registered businesses in the West African country.


“The host of the Twitter space was my friend, and we had a lot of online meetings after the space with the gold miner,” Shinkafi recounted. “He introduced himself as the CEO of Mukaddas Mining and Shipping Company.”

“He really seemed responsible, and some of our friends even admitted to having met him in person. So I actually trusted him. I never thought someone could go as far as duping people like that. He used to call when he was at the mining site. I have lots of his pictures,” Shinkafi added. 

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After establishing trust, Shinkafi, in September 2022, bought 100 grams of gold at the rate of N14,500 per gram from Ahmed. He also confirmed that he paid the sum of N120, 000 for melting of the gold as well as N100, 000 as payment for tax, making a total of N1,450,000.

However, despite failing to deliver the first 100 grams, Shinkafi was again persuaded to buy another 100 grams at the rate of N14,000 per gram. 

“He generated an invoice for the first transaction but before the gold was delivered to me, he persuaded me to buy another 100 grams, making 200 grams.

“For the second transaction, I paid a total of N1,620,000 including payment for the gold, tax and melting, making a total of N3,070,000 for both transactions,” Shinkafi told WikkiTimes.

Months later, Shinkafi was yet to receive his processed gold from Ahmed, who repeatedly kept in touch with him, promising to deliver it.

But before that could happen, Ahmed convinced Shinkafi to sell the gold he was expecting, adding a promising buyer was ready to purchase the 200 grams at the rate of $54 per gram.

He also had to pay another N150, 000 for clearance before the sale could take place.

Invoice from first transaction

Sinkafi shared with WikkiTimes a recorded WhatsApp conversation between him and Ahmed, where the latter spoke of the gold transaction.

“I agreed to that and he said he was in Ghana at that time and his dollar account wasn’t working, but he will be in Abuja in a few weeks; therefore, we should meet in Abuja at a specified date,” swindled Shinkafi narrated.

Shinkafi said he travelled from Sokoto to Abuja on the agreed date at  Capital Hub, Wuse, Abuja to collect his money as a proceed of the sold gold bars.

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Surprisingly, Ahmed “refused” to show up. Shinkafi said he waited, in vain, for six hours, as he could not reach Ahmed on phone.

“We agreed to meet in Abuja on a date. I traveled all the way from Sokoto to Abuja because he said he was having problems with his dollar account. Therefore, we should meet in person so he can give me the cash from the sold gold,” he Shinkafi recalled. “He kept me waiting in the Capital Hub from 3:00 PM to 9 pm, claiming he was on his way from Maitama, Abuja. He later blocked me.”


After several attempts to reach Ahmed via social media and over the phone, Shinkafi realised that the gold miner had deactivated all his social media handles.

WikkiTimes checked various social platforms to see if Ahmed could be found, but to no avail. A Facebook handle [in his name] was last used on June 14, 2022. The handle was linked to Facebook group of his company.

Shinkafi told WikkiTimes he reported the case to Kaduna State Intelligence Bureau under the Kaduna Police Command. He said Ahmed’s mobile phone was tracked to a woman who had recently bought the mobile phone at a market in Maiduguri.

According to Shinkafi, the police arrested three men who were connected to the phone sale. He said the police investigation later revealed that they did not know the whereabouts of the former owner of the phone. They were, however, released.

Shinkafi told WikkiTimes sometimes resided in Suleja, a Niger State town which is a few minutes away from Abuja. However, police investigation revealed that the Suleja house belonged to Ahmed’s late friend.

Further investigations showed that he accused’s family house is located in Kaduna State where his mother resides. This, also did not help, Shinkafi laments.


Decrying he had lost his life investment to the the fraud, told WikkiTimes he had to pay a huge sum of money to operatives of Kaduna State Intelligence Bureau to mobilize the search for the accused. He believes it was illegal to pay for such service. 

When asked, Shinkafi declined WikkiTimes’ request to show evidence of payment to the bureau.

“Wallahi, it was all my life’s investment. I have nothing now. You know it is illegal to pay them. But if I share the receipt, someone might lose his job, so I can’t. I have spent over N500, 000 in this case. But that is inclusive of my lawyer’s fees,” he said. 

Moreover, Ahmed did not entirely cut off Shinkafi. Months later, he reached out to him, promising to pay him back.

In a series of WhatsApp voice notes that Shinkafi shared with our reporter, Ahmed admitted that he was in hiding but he would pay him back with time. 

Weeks turned to months and the promises proved to be empty vessels.  At a point, he accused Shinkafi of attempting to kidnap the his mother and paying clerics to pray against him. 

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In the voice note, the gold miner said: “I had the intention of paying you back but it seems you don’t want me to. You threatened to kidnap my mother and a seer has told me that you have paid some Muslim clerics to pray against me so that I can lose my source of income and become broke.”

Shinkafi, however, denied the allegations. He added that he had to block Ahmed on WhatsApp.


WikkiTimes contacted the accused via WhatsApp. But he denied all allegations levied against him from.

A copy of a petition filed by Shinkafi’s lawyer, Umar Mustapha Ibrahim, was shared with Ahmed. He insisted he he was not owing the victim.

“I am writing in response to the allegations of scamming that have been leveled against me,” Ahmed wrote to WikkiTimes. “I would like to make it clear that I strongly deny these allegations and believe that they are unfounded.”

He continued: “I have always conducted my business with integrity and have never engaged in any fraudulent activity. I have been providing genuine products and services to my customers over the years, and my track record speaks for itself.

“And for Jabir Shinkafi,  we conducted a legit business with smooth transaction and he received his payment with thanks. I am willing to provide evidence to support my claims, including transaction records and an invoice through my lawyers . I am also open to any investigations or audits that may be necessary to prove my innocence.

“I understand that these allegations are serious, and I am committed to clearing my name and protecting my reputation. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this matter further and find a resolution that is fair and just for all parties involved.”

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When asked to share the evidence of transactions as he had claimed in his response, he responded:

“Due to certain circumstances, I am currently out of the country and unable to respond to your request for information and documents directly. However, I have consulted with my lawyers who will be responding to your letter on my behalf with all the necessary details and documents as soon as possible.

“I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but I assure you that my lawyers will provide the required information promptly. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further clarification or information. Thank you for your understanding.”

Efforts to reach the Kaduna State Intelligence Bureau proved abortive. Also, spokesman for Kaduna Police Command, Mohammed Jalige could could not be reached. At press time, an enquiry sent to him had not been responded.


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