Insecurity: Imam Urges Muslims To Pray For Nigeria

Dr Bashir Yankuzo, the Chief Imam of Federal University of Technology Minna Central Mosque, has urged Muslims to pray fervently for peace and stability in the country during the last 10 days of the Ramadan.

Yankuzu made the call in an interview with News Agency of Nigeria ( NAN) in Minna on Tuesday. He also urged wealthy Muslims to support the poor in view of the difficulties being faced by Nigerians.

The Imam explained that the last 10 days of the Ramadan have a special night of ‘Lailatul Qadr’, the Night of Decree and Power, described as better than a thousand months in the sight of Allah.

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It was also the night that Allah revealed the first verse of the holy Quran to Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

“It is a night of blessing, mercy and forgiveness,” he said,  adding that Muslims should utilise the opportunity to pray for peace, stability and prosperity in Nigeria.

Yankuzu also advised Muslims to use the opportunity for spiritual rejuvenation.

“This is a time for sober reflection, showing affection to the poor and the needy while seeking favour and blessing from the Most High.

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“We should take the advantage of the period to seek divine intervention to overcome the present insecurity challenges which pose a threat to the nation’s corporate existence.”

Yankuzo said all Nigerians must play their part to save the country.

” The stage which we are now is very critical, the wealthy need to do more for the progress of the nation because the vulnerable cannot afford quality education for their children.

“The benefits of the nation’s economic growth had been captured by a few wealthy elite at the expense of ordinary Nigerians leading so many vulnerable children to all kind of vices.

“Your wealth only has value when you use it to help the poor and the needy, more wealthy Nigerians should be able to assist people with their wealth”, he said.

The Imam also admonished leaders to show example, adding that beyond promoting economic and social wellbeing of people, leaders should also promote their self-worth.

“We pray that God will help the government to end the activities of bandits, insurgency and kidnappers. “Their activities have made life unbearable for the rural dwellers and people plying major roads across the country. “There is an urgent need for government at all levels to ensure that our villages are peaceful and conducive for living. “The cities can never be secured if the villages are in trouble. “

With our current security challenges, the strong can never enjoy their strength, while the weak are exposed to all kinds of harzards. “All hands must be on deck through collaborations among stakeholders, we must invest heavily toward making the weak feel a sense of belonging.

“The Federal Government should put in extra efforts toward ending insurgency, banditry and kidnapping once and for all,” the Imam said.

Yankuzu also said security agencies should ensure the arrest and prosecution of all those involved, to ensure peace, progress and political stability of our country. NAN)


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