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Pakistani Journalist Critical Of Military Attacked

A Pakistani journalist known for his criticism of the country’s powerful military was tortured and threatened in a second attack against media members in two months.

At least three unknown individuals armed with guns stormed Asad Ali Toor’s apartment in Islamabad on Tuesday night, the journalist told police in a statement on Wednesday.

The attackers gagged Toor, tied him up, punched him, kicked him and hit him with guns, that left him injured.

The journalist is being treated at a hospital where he is said to be in a stable condition.

The journalist works as producer for a popular show at Pakistani broadcaster Aaj television and runs his own YouTube channel Asad Toor Uncensored.

In his vlog, Toor reports and discusses issues avoided on Pakistani mainstream media, which is controlled by Pakistan’s military with a tight censorship policy.

The attack is latest in the series of assaults against journalists critical of the military since the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan took over in 2018 elections tainted by the army’s interference.

In April, a gunman shot and wounded another journalist famous for his blunt criticism of the military outside his house in Islamabad.

Also in 2020, a criminal case was registered against both Toor, Alam and another journalist for defaming the military, but a high court in Islamabad ordered authorities to drop charges.

No one was ever arrested and investigations were never completed in several attacks against journalists in recent years in spite of  calls by the national and global bodies to end impunity and punish perpetrators. (dpa/NAN)


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