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The Selfless Enigma: Nuhu Gidado, a Crucial Asset for President Bola Tinubu’s Cabinet

Bauchi State Deputy Governor, Engr. Nuhu Gidado, made headlines in May 2018 when he voluntarily resigned from his position, breaking the norm of Nigerian politics where public officials cling to power. Gidado’s selfless act captured the nation’s attention and earned him admiration for his principled decision. Today, I present a compelling case for President Bola Tinubu to appoint this remarkable individual into a ministerial position, recognizing his unwavering commitment to public service and exceptional track record.

With a successful career as a building engineer prior to his foray into politics, Gidado has demonstrated his expertise in overseeing large-scale infrastructure projects. As the former Director of Works at the Nigerian Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC), he played a pivotal role in initiating and supervising the construction of the NDIC headquarters in Abuja. His dedication and meticulous approach to work resulted in the successful completion of this landmark project, showcasing his ability to deliver results.

During his tenure as Bauchi State Deputy Governor, Gidado’s outstanding leadership qualities became apparent. Not only did he fulfill his role as Deputy Governor, but he also simultaneously served as the Commissioner for Education and later the Commissioner for Works. This rare feat highlights his capacity to handle multiple responsibilities and effectively manage diverse portfolios.

Gidado’s exceptional performance in both the education and works sectors cannot be overstated. As the Commissioner for Education, he implemented progressive policies that positively impacted the state’s educational system. Under his leadership, Bauchi witnessed significant improvements in infrastructure development, curriculum enhancement, and teacher training programs. His visionary initiatives aimed at ensuring quality education for all children set him apart as a dynamic leader.

Subsequently, as the Commissioner for Works, Gidado continued to excel. His keen eye for detail and commitment to excellence led to remarkable strides in infrastructure development across the state. From road construction to the rehabilitation of public facilities, Gidado consistently delivered projects that transformed the lives of the people of Bauchi. His dedication to improving the state’s infrastructure underscores his deep-rooted passion for public service.

President Bola Tinubu, known for his astute judgment and penchant for appointing individuals of impeccable integrity, has an opportunity to harness Gidado’s talents for the betterment of the nation. By appointing Gidado into a ministerial position, President Tinubu would not only acknowledge his selflessness but also benefit from his wealth of experience in engineering, leadership, and public administration.

Gidado’s resignation in 2018 highlighted his unwavering commitment to fairness and truthfulness in public service. Now, as the nation stands at the dawn of a new era, President Bola Tinubu has the chance to tap into this remarkable individual’s expertise and selfless spirit. By appointing Nuhu Gidado into a ministerial position, President Tinubu would send a powerful message about the importance of integrity, excellence, and service to Nigeria’s future.

Yakubu Adamu writes from New GRA, Bauchi. He can be reached via [email protected].

The Selfless Enigma: Nuhu Gidado, a Crucial Asset for President Bola Tinubu's Cabinet 1
Yakubu Adamu


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