“This camouflaged image Works Well With Outsiders, But Not With The Majority Of The Muslims” – Group Opposes Dogara As Vice presidential Candidate

The Bauchi Muslim Good Governance Group (BMGGG), has vehemently opposed moves to clear the ground for a former Speaker of the House of Representatives Barr Yakubu Dogara to emerge as Bola Tinubu’s running mate in the forthcoming 2023 presidential elections.

BMGGG’s voice is coming into Nigeria’s public sphere after some politically inclined groups publicly rallied support for Dogara to emerge as vice-president.

The Chairman of (BMGGG) Barr Khalil Abdullahi Esq while speaking to Journalists on Sunday at the Nigerian Union Journalist  Press Center in Bauchi said, “the man Dogara Yakubu appears to many unsuspecting Muslims as a kind and generous person, who loves to mingle and share niceties with everyone”.

He added, “It has come to our notice that a certain interest group is pushing for the selection of Hon. Dogara Yakubu, former Speaker of the House of Reps to be nominated as the Vice President (VP) to APC presidential flag bearer, HE Ahmad Bola Tinubu. It is on this note that the BMGGG members wish to make the following statements clear on the dangers of anointing Mr. Dogara as VP.

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“This camouflaged image works well with outsiders, but not with the majority of the Muslims from his constituency and many within Bauchi State. Many facts abound on his mischievous schemes on how he perpetually oppressed and subjugated the Muslims from his constituency and the state in all affairs of education and governance so as to curtail their development and empowerment in order not to compete with his tribesmen.

“At this juncture, we’d like to pause and ask Dogara why he personalized and cornered all opportunities meant for the entire indigenes of Bauchi State to his tribesmen and brethren?”

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In the same vein, the chairman of the Bauchi state Muslim group said: “We have abundant statistics at our disposal and we’d tender it at the appropriate time to prove how indigenes of Bauchi State, particularly the Muslims were hoodwinked and replaced by even nonindigenes.” 

“A state that has 20 LGAs, Dogara cannot boast of empowering or sponsoring any person other than his tribesmen on international scholarship when he was the fourth citizen?”, the group claimed. 

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It further stressed that “We’re also aware that Dogara has never facilitated or cared to find out the plight and condition of Muslims affected by a series of crises in Tafawa Balewa town throughout his membership in the red chambers”. 

“He neither brokered a peace deal by constituting a strong team of peace arbiters to look into the possibility of bringing the warring factions together for possible reconciliation, reconstruction, and coexistence nor cared to even sit with Muslim representatives on one hand and the ZAAR parties on the other hand for possible dialogue”. He added.

Wikki Times gathered that the group challenged those endorsing Dogara to start with testing his charisma and fame by posing him for other political seats within the state.

The group added: “We are not oblivious to the fact that some of our brothers are trying hard to sell Dogara as a good person, but sages say “charity begins at home,” therefore, no matter how many bridges Dogara was purported to have built between Muslims and Christians, as reported by his mouthpieces, we at BMGGG would like to see him build, or at least facilitate the building of a bridge, just one, from his constituency that would allow the displaced Muslims of Tafawa Balewa town to return to their familiar homes, or resettle them temporary near their farmlands, away from exile”.

“It behooves on us at the BMGGG to forewarn our Muslim brothers and sisters that Dogara will never represent our interest and so we will never support his candidature as VP to Asiwaju Ahmad Bola Tinubu or any other national appointment”, the group added. 

“They say to be forewarned is to be forearmed; we have delivered our responsibility hoping that those concerned will heed and adhere to our legitimate remonstration against Dogara’s nomination”, it further stated.

“Finally, Dogara’s inability to constitute a reconciliatory committee that could negotiate a possible level ground between the Muslims and Christians from Tafawa Balewa proved that he cannot be a good representative of all electorates in his constituency and the nation at large”. 

“It is therefore shocking to hear that some people, especially from our state are advocating for his nomination, and it will be more shocking if Asiwaju Tinubu should choose him as his running mate”, it further stated.

“A person with the above predispositions cannot represent us or be a good leader that people can rely on as true patriots and detribalized citizens. We therefore reiterate our opposition to Dogara’s nomination as VP to Asiwaju, or any national appointment because we do not see how the two will work successfully for the betterment of this great nation” the group alleged.



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