VACANCY: Abuja-based Solutions Newspaper Is Looking for Associate Editor

Prime Progress, a solutions-oriented newspaper in Abuja, is looking to hire an experienced associate editor. 

The medium is focused on documenting how people are solving social problems in Nigeria. It also investigates repressive cultural practices and how they harm citizens and society.

“We are looking for a young and bright mind capable of combining reporting and associate editor functions. The person must be a deep thinker, an avid reader, and a curious person with investigative eyes that question norms and dissect issues from different angles,” a statement by the paper reads.

“The ideal candidate must also be bursting with ideas, profoundly understands, and can in-depthly analyze issues affecting Nigerian and African societies. These issues include social, religious, and traditional practices and how they affect people positively or negatively,” the medium added.

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The statement further indicates that the role involves writing two-three analyses weekly while supporting other writers to develop ideas, investigate and produce stories. 

It reads further: “The candidate would also edit the works of other journalists for daily and weekly publications, so excellent editing skills — which require a good command of English grammar and construction — are needed.

“The candidate must have practised journalism and must have been an editor with a recognised media platform for at least five years. We ENCOURAGE women to apply. It is a full-time role and mostly on-site, so the candidate must be based in Abuja.”

Interested persons are instructed to send their Curriculum Vitae (CV) and links to three published works to [email protected]


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