WIKKIDATA: How Bauchi Higher Institutions Spent 2023 Allocations

The Bauchi State Budget Performance Report showed that the five educational institutions in the state had different performances in budget expenditure with low revenue realization in the 2023 fiscal year.

Bauchi State University Gadau had a budget of N1.79 billion, of which N1.67 billion, representing 93%, was expended. Of the amount spent, N1.258 billion was spent on personnel expenditure while N215 million was spent on capital needs .

This shows that in the year, the university spent an average N17.9 million on development needs monthly.

Another N204 million was spent on overhead expenditure.

Conversely, revenue expectations fell short, with only N292 million actualized out of the projected N1.34 billion, accounting for 21% of the anticipated revenue.

Aminu College of Education, Azare, had a similar trend in expenditure, with N2.29 billion budgeted and N2.07 billion spent, representing 90.6%. Of this amount, N1.971 billion was spent on personnel expenditure, while N34.5 million was spent on capital expenditure.

However, revenue generation was lower, with only N78.7 million realized out of the expected N490 million, constituting a mere 16% utilisation.

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At A.D. Rufai Misau, budget expenditure reached 86% of the allocated N1.30 billion, with N1.12 billion utilized. Revenue performance, though, saw a larger percentage of realization, with N45 million received out of the anticipated N125 million, representing 36%.

Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic (ATAP) expended 78% of its N2.33 billion budget, amounting to N1.82 billion spent, with, revenue generation falling short, with only N92 million realized out of the projected N995.5 million, marking a mere 9.2%.

The Adamu Tafawa Balewa College of Education Kangere recorded 80% of its N963 million budget utilized, totalling N770.4 million in expenditure. Of this amount N175 million was spent on capital expenditure, while N541 million was spent on personnel expenditure. Also Overhead expenditure gulped N53 million

Its revenue collection, however, amounted to only N98.5 million, falling far below the projected N611 million, indicating a 16% realization rate.

The report shows that these higher institutions are heavy on recurrent and overhead expenditure while low on capital expenditure l.

Research conducted in 2023 with the title Education Dimension of Poverty revealed that poor political will was one of the factors affecting the educational sector in Bauchi state.

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Data shows that Bauchi has a large gap in terms of literacy levels. The adult literacy level of the state is put at 37%, school attendance is put at 46.9%, while education quality is said to be 20.2%.

The governor of the state Bala Mohammed, has said that despite approving a sum of N17 billion on education in three years, the sector has not improved, accusing some of his government officials of frustrating his efforts.


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