‘A Daylight Robbery’ — Matawalle Condemns House Raid, Accuses Successor of Stealing

The immediate past Governor of Zamfara State, Bello Matawalle, has described the raid of his Maradun residence by his successor, Dauda Lawal, as a daylight robbery, adding his personal properties were stolen.

The erstwhile governor’s house was raided by security operatives on the order of Zamfara State Goverbnmet where 40 “officials cars” were recovered.

Speaking to BBC Hausa, Matawalle alleged that during the raid they stole his campaign cars, personal items and even bridal clothes (popularly called Lefe) belonging to one of his daughters that is about to be married.

Zamfara Govt Raids Matawalle’s House, Recovers 40 Official Vehicles

“I was in Abuja, nobody gave me any notice that a court has issued a warrant on me, none of my boys was served with the purported notice,” he claimed. “I have never seen this kind of absurdity and sheer display of envy and poverty. When they entered my house in Gusau, they searched everywhere in the house including my wives’ rooms and they stole even hijabs and charcoal stoves belonging to my wives.”


Reacting to the claim that 40 “official vehicles” were “recovered” from his house during the raid, Matawalle said the confiscated cars were among the ones he bought from America even before becoming the governor of Zamfara in 2019.

“The cars allegedly found in my house in Maradun were the ones donated during campaigns and most of them were golf cars wrapped with my posters and that of Bola Ahmed Tinubu. These were the cars that I used to give to people. Let me tell even Hijabs of my wives were stolen.

‘A Blatant Lie’ — Matawalle’s Aide Counters Zamfara Gov, Says Treasury Not Emptied

“Everyone that knows Matawalle knew him in the business of buying and selling cars. All my cars that I bought from America before becoming the governor were there in the house and they stole them some of them I bought from America even before becoming the governor,” he said.

Matawaale did not state whether there are some vehicles belonging to the state government in his possession. He said the series of witch hunts by the present governor will not augur well for the state.


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