After WikkiTimes’ Story, Misau Local Government Provides Permanent Office Accommodation to Fire Service

Barely days after WikkiTimes’ story on how Misau Fire Service failure worsen Central Market inferno, Misau local government has vowed to provide permanent office accommodation to fire service officials and their vehicle.

Acknowledging the inability of the officials to intervene in the recent fire incident at the Misau central market, the Caretaker Chairman Misau LGA said the issue has been resolved noting that his council would provide permanent office accommodation to the Misau unit of the fire service.

Receiving a delegation from Bauchi State Fire Service Office, the chairman Salisu Hussain represented by his Deputy, Sallau Garba Tela said apart from providing permanent office, the local government council will also be supporting them with monthly allowances starting from this month.

Inside Story: How Misau Fire Service Failure Worsen Central Market Inferno

WikkiTimes had earlier reported that despite being located just a few miles from the Misau Central market, the Nigerian Fire Service failed to show up at the scene of inferno that claimed many of the shops and stalls at the market.

Stationed at the Misau main garage along Emirs Drive, WikkiTimes understands that it will take the fire service officials about five minutes to get to the scene, this proximity however meant nothing when an inferno started at the Misau central market.

Findings show that the fire service vehicle stationed around the Misau central market was recently “repaired” jointly by Misau local government authority and Local Government Service Commission, Bauchi State.


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