Inside Story: How Misau Fire Service Failure Worsen Central Market Inferno

Despite being located just a few miles from the Misau Central market, the Nigerian Fire Service failed to show up at the scene of inferno that claimed many of the shops and stalls at the market.

Stationed at the Misau main garage along Emirs drive, WikkiTimes understands that it will take the fire service officials about five minutes to get to the scene, this proximity however meant nothing when an inferno started at the Misau central market.

Findings show that the fire service vehicle stationed around the Misau central market was recently “repaired” jointly by Misau local government authority and Local Government Service Commission, Bauchi State.

Repaired Truck (Photo from Kaura Social Media Forum) 

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Traders who spoke to WikkiTimes expressed sadness that despite the presence of the fire service station close to the market, they were abandoned to their fate all through the raging fire.

“It was shameful and disheartening that we have a fire truck but it was not of any help to us. The fire started around 1am on Thursday but up to the time when some people rendered help to us put off the fire, there was no sign of the fire truck”, a trader Yusha’u Mohamed noted.

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Speaking further, he said;

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“The distance between the market and where the vehicle is parked is not up to five minutes by trekking, but it wasn’t here. We read on social media that it was repaired by the local government but to me they have failed us and it is of no use. I remembered when the state governor came here to flag-off road construction, the fire truck was there blowing siren but look at what happened when it was needed the most”, he 

WikkiTimes recalls that few days before the incident, the social media space in Misau was filled with photos of the repaired fire truck, with a post by the Chairman of the Governor’s Social Media Team ‘Kaura Social Media Forum’, Sale Gariyo giving credits to the caretaker chairman of Misau Local government for repairs of the vehicle in collaboration with Local Government Service Commission, Bauchi State.

Despite the recent repairs posted on social media, the fire service at Misau could not immediately respond to the distress call by traders after the fire started, as the engine of the fire service truck that was “repaired” developed some faults. 

“They came and one of the staff tried to start the vehicle and it didn’t work. They had to leave it. I came here today (Friday)and I saw them doing some repairs on the vehicle”, a source who craved anonymity due to fear of victimization noted.

As at press time, officials of Misau office of the fire service were yet to respond to WikkiTimes’ inquiry as one of the emergency contact numbers provided at the garage where the vehicle is parked said he is not authorized to speak on the matter.

 He however promised to get in touch with his superiors and get back to our reporter, but failed to do so as of the time of filing this report.


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