APC Group Urges Youths To Be Change Agents For Better Nigeria

The All Progressive Congress National Youth Advocates, a pressure group, has advised Nigerian youths to see themselves as agents of positive change towards making the country great.
Mr Timothy Nwachukwu, National President of the APC-NYA made the call in a statement on Tuesday in Abuja.

“I am calling on Nigerian youths to indulge in selfless service, become positive change agents and role models as well as shun corrupt practices which is the major problem plaguing Nigeria,” he said.

He urged youths to reinvent themselves as catalysts that would jump-start the country’s economic and political greatness.

He said Nigeria needed youths to champion the long awaited change technologically, economically, politically, socio-culturally and by supporting various positive agenda that would create change in the society.
Nwachukwu said that the developed and powerful nations in the world like the USA, Germany, and England among others, would not had attained their present status without the indispensable role of youths.

According to him, Nigerian youths are the incubators of the change the nation needs.
“Since nation-building is a continuous task, the youths will forever be the hope of the nation and the hub of the country’s development.
“The building of a nation is of crucial importance that all hands are required to be on deck, especially the youth.

“Nigerian youths are spread all over the country and the Nigerian population has a high percentage of youths, endowed with great talents, gifts as well as potentials.
“Most of which are yet to be fully tapped, they are also intelligent, knowledgeable and skilful in various fields,” he said.

Mr Mohammed Umar, Deputy National President of the group advised Nigerian youths on patriotism.
“For any nation to move forward, the youth must love their country,” he said.

He blamed all the vices affecting the country such as corruption, terrorism, ethno-religious crisis on lack of patriotism.
“If we truly love this nation, we will do everything to protect its interest and we will have in mind that Nigeria is bigger than any individual or institution.
“Patriotism should reflect in our everyday life as Nigerian youth.

“If we are patriotic, we won’t give room for corruption and we will not loot the country’s treasury if we are opportuned to occupy any political office,” he said.(NAN)


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