Bauchi APC At Lost With Sen. Gumau On The Ballot Under Another Party

By Muwaffiq Fa’izu Saleh

As a politically informed clique, a few days ago, two of my close friends and I had a conversation that bordered on the just concluded APC primary elections. And on Bauchi south senatorial seat, the issue of how Sen. Lawal Yahaya Gumau lost to another candidate was raised. While they believed that the delegates did the right thing, I was quick to draw their attention to the fact that it was APC that lost Gumau and not the other way round as they appeared to think. Believe me, I made sure I changed their thinking before we parted.

This is a man that has a reputation for positively impacting the lives of his constituents or rather the society as a whole in human capital development, youth, and women development/empowerment. He is no doubt a good driver of employment opportunities for the teeming unemployed youth in the state. I don’t have to mention the names of people he got jobs for here as they are evident and popular within Bauchi. To keep mentioning them will just be a repeated effort to show off what has already seen broad daylight. You may refer to an article captioned: “An Epitome of Fulfilling Promises’ (Blueprint, Monday, February 21, 2022) which I made a brief about some of them even though they are overwhelmingly lot.

The Senator in question has put up publicity stunts that brought out the best in the APC on several occasions more than any other politician in Bauchi South. He did this to the extent that you can begin to imagine if Bauchi requires being governed by the PDP.

The simplicity which he is exhibiting in his relationship with his constituents, especially the youth (which are the majority of people surrounding him) is second to none. You can rest assured that we are having a Jagaban-in-the-making in him if he continues to follow on this path.

When you talk of human decency, speaking about Sen. Gumau will surely give you the courage to put a full stop. In an era of dirty politics in which opposition will put up false narratives just to discredit their opponents, I never heard, even in a joke, his adversaries accusing him of any unwanted behavior. You may wish to agree with me that on several occasions, you must have heard or come across his wording in which he consistently cautioned his supporters and media aides not to insult or tell lies about his opponents just to campaign for him. And I believed him every time he kept reminding them that he has good stuff in store, enough to sell him to the electorates rather than resorting to a campaign of calumny. And luckily enough, he has found them to be decent and loyal enough to be maintaining a clean job.

Now, tell me what other good qualities and antecedents a political party needs in a Candidate?!

I am a loyal and ardent member of the APC, but I believe the good people of Bauchi South will not abandon this illustrious Son of theirs where ever his name is printed on the ballot and vote for some unknown persons who up to now I cannot phantom how he miraculously emerged as the flagbearer.

Muwaffiq, writes from Bauchi and can be reached via: [email protected]


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