PHOTOS: Bauchi School Principal, Vice, Teacher Accused of Stealing School Property

Bitrus Tambaya Bako, the Principal of the Government Secondary School in Birshin Fulani on the outskirts of the Bauchi metropolis, along with his vice, and a class teacher were allegedly involved in stealing the school’s property.

The incident which happened on May 10, 2024, sparked widespread outrage, culminating in the police arresting the suspects and swiftly removing them from the irate youths of the community.

Witnesses claimed that tensions escalated quickly as a mob formed, demanding immediate justice for the alleged wrongdoing that led to the damaging of the suspects’ vehicle which was already loaded with the alleged stolen items.

According to eyewitnesses, the principal and his accomplices were seen removing several plastic chairs from the school under suspicious circumstances.

However, when confronted by the residents, the situation heated, leading to an attempt by the community to take the law into their hands. Fearing for his safety, the suspected principal called the police to the scene who managed to whisk them away from the agitated crowd.

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“They were caught red-handed,” said Abubakar Adamu, a resident who witnessed the incident. “They were trying to take the chairs out of the school, and people here realised their actions. We trusted them to take care of our children’s education, not to steal from them.”

The Bauchi State Police Command has confirmed the incident. Ahmed Mohammed Wakil, the police spokesman, told WikkiTimes that the suspects; Bitrus Tambaya Bako, the principal of GSS Birshin Fulani, along with Yahuza Musa, the vice-principal admin, and Simon Alfred Enotche, a class teacher, were alleged to have conspired and stolen 13 chairs and tables belonging to the school.

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He said, “On the 10 of May 2024, at about 17: 38 hours, the command received a distress call from Birshin Fulani from one Bitrus Tambaya Bako 58, the Principal of GSS Birshin Fulani and Yahuza Musa 42, the vice Principal Admin, and Simon Alfred Enotche, a class teacher of GSS Birshin Fulani conspired among themselves to steal 13 chairs and tables belonging to Birshin Fulani Secondary school we received a call about a disturbance involving the principal of Birshin Fulani Secondary School.”

Wakil further revealed that upon arriving at the scene, the police encountered a volatile situation, with irate members of the community attempting to take the law into their own hands.

He explained that the Command has handed over the suspects to the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) for internal disciplinary action. However, Wakil assured that the suspects would be brought back to the police for proper investigation and potential prosecution.


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