Bauchi South Senator, Shehu Umar Buba, Assumes Chairmanship of Senate Committee on National Security and Intelligence

Senator Shehu Umar Buba, representing Bauchi South, has been appointed as the Chairman of the Senate Committee on National Security and Intelligence. Recognized for his profound knowledge of banditry operations in Nigeria, Senator Umar is poised to play a role in addressing the country’s ongoing security concerns, particularly in the northern region.

Hailing from Bauchi State in North East Nigeria, a region long afflicted by the devastating consequences of insurgency, Senator Umar brings firsthand experience and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by his constituents.

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WikkiTimes understand that his appointment has received widespread approval, as he commands great respect within the intelligence community for his extensive knowledge and expertise in dealing with criminal elements.

Umar’s appointment will consolidates Nigeria’s National Security Adviser, Nuhu Ribadu, and the country’s service chiefs effort in combating the escalating security crisis that plagues the nation. Senator Umar’s appointment is expected to foster a cohesive collaboration between the legislative and executive branches, consolidating these joint efforts to confront pressing security challenges head-on.

Senator Umar’s presence in the Senate Committee on National Security and Intelligence will contribute significantly to the formulation of effective strategies.

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The Senator’s appointment has garnered praise from various quarters, recognizing his invaluable expertise and commitment to combating insecurity in Nigeria.


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