Bauchi Speaker Under Fire for Bootlicking Gov. Bala Mohammed

The speaker of the Bauchi State House of Assembly, Hon. Abubakar Suleiman, has come under fire on social media for openly bootlicking Governor Bala Mohammed in a Facebook post.

Hon. Suleiman took to his verified Facebook page to post a picture of Bauchi State Governor along with terse words that expressed his unalloyed loyalty and submission to the governor.

The Speaker who posted in Hausa said “this is my godfather, my leader and my direction. Whatever you say, that’s what we would do alongside my supporters. God willing.”

However, netizens especially from Bauchi State criticized the speaker and reminded him of his constitutional responsibility of checks and balances on the executive arm of Bauchi state government.


Mukhtar Jarmajo, who hails from Bauchi State, was unequivocal in calling out the speaker including asking him to step aside as he compromised principle of separation of power.

Jarmajo said “The Speaker of the Bauchi State House of Assembly, Abubakar Y Suleiman, should immediately resign. Because of his post today on Facebook, it has become very clear that the independence of the Legislature in Bauchi state is compromised. And as such, there is no democracy in Bauchi state.”

“This is the speaker of Bauchi state House of Assembly. You can see that the Assembly has become lifeless,” he added in another post.

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Abubakar Chadi could not mince his disappointment “I am so disappointed with BAHA speaker as he compromised! He should remember that he is heading an arm of government just as the person he claimed to be his boss. This is so unfortunate of Speaker of State assembly.”

Another Facebooker, Khayruldeen Abubakar said: “I am now convinced we should stop practicing this version of democracy…. It’s not working. Our people don’t even understand the concept. “

For Yousouf Umar, the speaker should bid a farewell to his position if it were in developed countries.

“In a sane society, the man must vacate his office and apologise but here we are, some people are clapping for him,” he roared.

Another User, Ismail Misau, argued “Next, the Speaker will denounce the post by saying it was made by the person managing his Facebook page. Kalas!!!”

 Younuser Mohammed put it in more satirical tone “I thought it’s young social media chaps that promote government interests”, he followed with a laughing emoji.

According Ibrahim Mohammad, the post depicts the situation of Bauchi in terms of independence and separation of power in governance.

He said ” This is a (man) that leads an independent arm of government. The arm has the responsibility of law making and checks and balances on the executive arm.”

Others Support

However, many others also backed the speaker for displaying his total loyalty to the governor.

Hamza Ibrahim argued, in a post “Have you ever seen a Speaker of the State Assembly in Nigeria who isn’t answerable or loyal to the Governor, even in history?

They were installed by the Governor, so what do you expect? For them to betray him? Seriously, I see nothing wrong with the Speaker’s position because it is well known that he is loyal. Therefore, when he expresses his loyalty, it is not surprising but rather an affirmation.

So, why the uproar when we all know they are just “bow and go”?

I see nothing wrong in confirming what we all already know!!!!!”

Abi Hafsat Ays said “This is what is called loyalty. May God increase you in understanding and blessing. May God increase Kauran Bauchi in health and trust between you…”

It’s personal

Efforts to speak with the spokesman for BAHA Hon. Musa Nakwada remains futile as he did not reply messages sent to his mobile phone.

However, Spokesman for the speaker, Mukhatr Kobi, told WikkiTimes that the the speaker made the post purely on his personal capacity and not as the head of the legislative arm.

Kobi argued that there is mutual respect and cordial relationship between the two arms of government in the state.

“Every person has his freedom of expression. Everyone can say his opinion in politics just like other spheres of life. The post doesn’t affect legislative functions. It is based on his personal relationship with the governor.

“It won’t affect legislative duties. When governor sends anything before the Assembly, I assure the speaker and the other members will look at the issues dispassionately if it will bring development to Bauchi and the people, they will accept it.”

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