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‘Don’t Buy Seeds From Unauthorised Dealers,’ ATBU Don Warns Farmers

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Professor Nasir Murtala of the Abubakar Tafawa Ɓalewa University Bauchi, ATBU has warned farmers in Bauchi State to buy seeds for this year’s farming season only from authorised seeds dealers in the state.

He said farmers should not buy seeds from the open market because sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between seeds and grains.

Professor Murtala said that grains are mainly for consumption while seeds are for future use, therefore, farmers should know where to buy their seeds.

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He called on farmers to make themselves available to familiarise themselves with agencies saddled with the responsibility of selling seeds to farmers to avoid falling victims to adulterated seeds.

The Don rallied for more training for farmers, adding government must invest in extension workers.

Professor Nasir Murtala added that farmers need to have access to some farm inputs which include fertilizer, seeds, and herbicides among others.



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