WIKKIDATA: Bauchi Receives N75.2 Billion FAAC Allocation in 2023

A WikkiTimes  review of National Bureau of Statistics data has shown that Bauchi state received the sum of N75.2 billion as allocation from the federation accounts committee in 2023.


Data review shows that the highest amount was received in September, when N8.202 billion was paid to the state. 

The lowest allocation was in April when N4.34 billion was received as allocation.

WIKKIDATA: Bauchi Receives N69.72 Billion as Local Government Allocation in 2023

The amount received by the state is 73% of what it is projected to receive. Earlier, Bauchi state planned to receive N112.89 billion as FAAC allocation.

FAAC allocation is the major source of revenue for the state. Already, WikkiTimes reported that Bauchi received N69.72 billion as local government allocation in 2023, meaning that between the state and local government, the sum of N144 billion was received by Bauchi as allocation.


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