FACT-CHECK: No, Famous Ivorian Footballer, Drogba Did Not Accept Islam

There are claims that Didier Drogba, a famous former Chelsea and Ivory Coast striker, accepted had Islam.

The ex-footballer was seen in still pictures sitting and praying among some Muslim folks.


 Hausawa, a Facebook page with 186, 421 followers posted that Chelsea legend has converted to Islam.

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“Chelsea legend has converted to Islam,” the Hausawa posted. At press time, the post had generated 904 reactions, 227 comments, and 31 shares.

Similarly, one Mohammed Tukur Erena, a Facebook user thanked God that the ex-famous footballer had accepted Islam. 

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“Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah! The more they try to taint Islam the more its keeps spending like bush (wild) fire,” he posted. “May Allah (SWT) make him steadfast in his new faith, guide, protect and grant him more wisdom to understand and spray the beautiful message of Islam to others.”

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WikkiTimes fact-checked the claims and found that the ex-famous footballer didn’t revert to Islam as claimed by many.

Drogba refuted the claims via his verified Twitter account, saying he was just paying respect to his Muslim brothers he had visited in the village.

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“This story is going viral but I haven’t changed religion,” the ex-Chelsea striker said. “This was just me paying respect to my Muslim brothers I was visiting in my village. A moment of togetherness. Much love and blessings to all”, he said in his tweet, posted on Monday.”


The viral pictures of the ex-striker which surfaced online, claiming he had accepted Islam is false and misleading.


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