Flood Prone Kogi Tackles Flooding on Paper, Records 10% Flood Control Budget Performance in Three Years

In 2022, the Kogi state government noted that flooding  affected over 514 communities, 471,000 persons displaced, 92 health facilities destroyed with 24 deaths. 

Despite these recorded deaths, the state seems less motivated to spend on erosion and flooding control, going by the details on its budget performance reports between 2021 and 2023. While Kogi state usually inserts monies running into millions in its budget for flooding and erosion control, it barely spends a few percent of the monies at the end of the fiscal year.

Already, the Nigerian government listed Kogi as one of the states prone to flooding for 2024, painting a grim picture of its fortunes in terms of flood management.

In February 2024, there were reports of floods swallowing some communities in Kogi state, with losses running into millions of naira accumulated.

Analysis shows that in 2021, the state budgeted the sum of N105 million for flooding and erosion control but only spent N26 million. In 2022, the state spent 3.7% of its proposed budget for erosion and flooding control, with the sum of N106 million budgeted and N4 million spent.

In 2023、Kogi state planned to spend N101 million but only spent N1.92 million for erosion and flooding control.

WIkkiTimes earlier reported that between September 2023 and February 2024, Kogi state received the sum of N772 million as ecological funds. A pool of funds meant to tackle issues of the environment such as flooding.

There have been controversies on the proper management of these funds by states with accusations of lack of accountability and transparency.

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