Farewell Professor Lai Oso

Stride Home With Dignity & Integrity

By Professor Jerry Komia Domatob

There comes an inevitable call

For each and all

Summoning folks to eternity,

The penultimate fraternity

So the bell rang bang, bang, bang

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For Professor Lai Oso’s big exit bang

Gallantly leading him to Heaven

Now his novel and precious haven

A renowned mass communicator

He outshined as an educator

An inspiring orator

 Dr. Oso reigned as a facilitator

An admirable teacher

He inspired as a researcher

An ace administrator

He motivated as a top doctor

Professional of astute diligence

He towered for intelligence

 Renowned and respected academic,

Dr. Oso shunned vain polemic

Dr. Oso’s broad vision

Empowered as his mission

A  grand motivator

He stimulated as an activator

A shrewd leader

Many revered as an elder

Dr. Oso’s facilitation

Reduced futile friction

Bye beloved Dr. Oso, editor

 Writer and administrator

Journalist, scholar and helper.

Travel with fortitude

Farewell till we meet again!

Condolence & Commiseration Special condolence to: Professor Umar Pate, Vice  Prof. Danladi Musa, Prof Oso’s wife, family, friends, students and colleagues in Nigeria, the diaspora and abroad. May his soul rest in perfect and harmonious peace. Bye & Farewell bosom hero until we meet, never to part again.

Dr. Jerry Komia Domatob, a graduate of E.W, Scripps School of Journalism, Ohio University-Athens, Ohio is a Professor of Mass Communication, Alcorn State University, Lorman-Mississippi. A journalist, photographer, poet and researcher, he is currently working on two projects.

Tribute To Professor Lai Oso: Ace Journalist, Scholar & Humanist

His latest publications are: Communication, Culture & Human Rights and  Positive Vibration. Professor Domatob earned his Master’s degrees in International Affairs and Journalism from Carleton University, Ottawa Canada.

A prolific author, he also writes and edits works and articles for newspapers, magazines and other publications. He has taught in reputed schools, travelled extensively in different parts of the world, met outstanding leaders and scholars and participated in several conferences and workshops. Contact him at: [email protected].


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