Fear Grip Yobe State Capital Residents Over Spate of Killings

Locals in Unguwar Nayi-Nawa, Damaturu, Yobe State capital have expressed fear over resurgence of continued attacks marked by killings and snatching of valuables including mobile phones by group of youths in the community.

Locals told WikkiTimes that now live in fear of the assailants who can easily kill a person over a slight misunderstanding and go unhindered day and night, lamenting that for over two weeks, these attacks continue to happen unabated by security agencies.

Ya Zainab, a middle-aged mother of four, confided to WikkiTimes that throughout the last ten days of the month of Ramadan, she cannot go out because of the horrible experience she witnessed in the area, recounting how a young man was stabbed close to her.

“I now live in fear and couldn’t go out. These boys are ruthless, they can kill for no reason, just because of asking for his mobile phone confiscated from him, they stabbed someone close to us. The boy is about to go to NYSC and they kill him. These acts are carried out by small boys of not more than 17 years old and they roomed about with no remorse”.

“It happened repeatedly here in Nayi-Nawa. I know of four people that were attacked and killed by these ruthless boys. They carry dangerous weapons and have this kind of barbing”, said Zainab.

Another resident of Nayi-Nawa who pleaded anonymity for security reasons told WikkiTimes that with the spate of killings in the area, they decided to remain indoors in the night and abstain from carrying their mobile phones when they are going out in the day time.

“Yes, it is happening, they are attacking and killing anyone who dares them. We now have to abstain from moving around with our mobile phones and restrict ourselves from going out at night. With little argument they can kill. We live in fear now and something has to be done to checkmate the trend”, he said.

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WikkiTimes observed that there is widespread condemnation of the activities of assailants on the social media, with users calling for urgent action by authorities concerned.

“As killings rise in Damaturu, Yobe State, it’s crucial for the government and security agencies to make sure everyone in Yobe State is safe. Every life lost is a tragedy. Action needs to be taken fast for peace and security”., tweep an X user Last Born @Lminkaeel

“It is indeed regrettable, and this highlights the urgency for increased vigilance and more robust security monitoring. It is imperative that justice is served to set an example for other offenders with malicious intentions”, said another X user Baban Baba.

Police Reacts, Says the Situation is Under Control

Police authorities in Yobe state have reacted to the spate of killings by waylaying youths, saying that the matter is under control as intensive patrols are ongoing and arrests were made.

DSP Dungus Abdulkarim, Yobe State Police Command Spokesman while responding to WikkiTimes inquiries said contrary to statistics of the victims exaggerated in the social media, four cases of killing were recorded by the police in the period under review and a significant arrest has been made.

“The command recorded four cases of homicide in Damaturu, among which two cases recently reported to Police Area Command Office, Nayi Nawa Ward and immediately transferred to CID undergoing discrete investigation, with twelve suspects facing professional interrogation as one of the leading suspects is on the run for the time being as the command assures of his arrest soonest” he wrote to WikkiTimes.

Dungus said the Command recorded only two cases of homicides since the beginning of the Month of Ramadan period, which occurred in Nayi Nawa Ward, Damaturu on 29th March and 3rd April 2024 respectively.

“On the 29th of March, 2024, at about 1830hrs distress called from Ome Mohammed Sani of Nayi Nawa ward was received at the Police Area Command Office that, at about 1820hrs One Muhammed Muhammed of same address stabbed his Son Hashimu Mohammed 19 years old with a sharp knife after a heated  argument for a piece of orange, the victim lost blood and died before reaching the hospital, the culprit fled and later arrested.

“In a similar vein, on 3rd April 2024 at about 2100hrs, another distress called from One Usman Abba of Nayi Nawa Ward was intercepted that, on the same date at about 2045hrs a gang of youth ranging between the age of 17 to 20 years old all of Nayi Nawa ward, about Nine in number carried out a mob action on his Son, One Mamman Usman 17 years old brutally beat and stabbed him with a knives and died on the spot. Currently, eight of the culprits were arrested while Police on the pursuit of one of the fleeing culprits”, he added. 

Fear Grip Yobe State Capital Residents Over Spate of Killings


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