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Gov. Obaseki Inaugurates Screening Committee For Political Appointees

Gov. Godwin Obaseki of Edo has inaugurated 15-man committee to screen potential political appointees that would make his cabinet.

Obaseki performed the ceremony on Tuesday at New Festival Hall, Benin.

He mandated the committee to submit its reports on or before July 15.

According to him, we’ve passed that stage where people just come into the government for just the sake of it, you are coming for a purpose, you must be equipped to deliver on that purpose.

“Even if you are going to be there for just three to four years, so that is the import of this purpose. We have gone round the state; we’ve asked wards and local government to submit nominations.

“We’ve collected names, we’ve received protest from some areas how it was done, how people were happy or not happy, we’ve received all of these and we’ve passed them on to you.

“To first check, the information they gave us are correct, do they have the qualifications, you interact with them and advise us, you believe whether were we are going, these people can help us deliver on our mandates.

“You make your recommendations and we then look at those your recommendations, then we select those we need to select, we are running a very transparent selection process,” the  governor said.

He added: “I don’t have one name; the people have gone through the process.

“We’ve engaged you in various assignments, so we were very deliberate in choosing you. We trust and believe that whatever you give us would as you see it.

“So, we have a lot of trust and confidence that you will do a great job for us, people are anxious, we don’t have time, so we believe that in the next two to three weeks you come with what we can work with.’’

In his response, the Chairman of the committee, Prof. Dennis Agbonlahor, expressed appreciation for the appointment, promising that the members would do everything possible to do a thorough job.

“We will try as much as possible to deliver on our mandate within the stipulated time,” he said. (NAN)


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