Guard Children Against Terror Recruitment, Bauchi NOA Warns Parents, Guardians

The Director of National Orientation Agency Bauchi (NOA), Alhaji Nuru Yusuf Kobi has warned Parents, school authorities, religious leaders, and relevant stakeholders have been called to collectively keep watch on the children to avoid being recruited by insurgents and Bandits who use them to carry out different forms of evil against Humanity.

Director said this on Thursday in Bauchi while addressing pupils of Aungwan Borno Primary School, a Bauchi inner city street. 

He raised concerns about the recruitment of Children soldiers by Bandits in North East Nigeria.

Alhaji Kobi said the call is imperative due to the ploy of insurgents and Bandits to target and brainwash these younger innocent Children into joining them and hence serving as tools to cause mayhem in society.

To him, while teachers and other school authorities teach and closely watch the pupils in schools, parents and Religious leaders should do even more at Home and in worship centers.

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Alhaji Kobi added that the UNICEF report had indicated that Insurgents target Children between the ages of 8 and 12 to carry out their acts in most African countries including Nigeria.

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He worried that it is the neglected Children that fall victims to these disgruntled elements in the society as they are in turn recruited as informants, suicide bombers, and Children soldiers.

In his response, the Coordinator of Students Behaviors Modification in the School, Aminu Shehu said that the discipline of Children from ages time has been a collective role of parents teachers, and elders.

He lamented that Children today are out of control due to the fact that they are not collectively being monitored by others who are not necessarily their parents.

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