Hausa Singer Rains Curses on Bandit Kingpin, Bello Turji

An unidentified Hausa singer has rained curses on Bello Turji, a bandit kingpin terrorising northwest Nigeria.

In the poem, the user condemned Turji, reflecting on his terror acts and called on God to destroy him.

He also expressed lyrically, how the future of many children has been altered due to his criminal activities in the region.

Born in 1994 in Shinkafi local government of Zamfara State, Turji became notorious in Nigeria, especially in the northwestern region where he left behind stories of sorrow and blood.

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He was raised as a Fulani cattle herder without education. In September 2021, he reigned mayhem when his gang attacked a market in Gonroyo, Sokoto State killing about 60 innocent people. 

This, according to him, was a retaliation for the killings of his six family members by the outlawed Yan Sakai group during an attack on a mosque in Gwadabawa. The genesis of the attack, according to reports, was linked to some cattle rustled by Yan Sakai and given to the Emir of Zurmi.

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Turji, who was declared a wanted terrorist by the Zamfara government was also crowned Sarkin Fulani of Zamfara in 2022. However, security operatives are still yet to have the criminal in their net. 

Last year, communities in Zamfara contributed the sum of N20, 000,000 to give to the notorious kingpin as a ‘peace deal fee’ but the 28-year-old did not succumb to the request. 

Subsequently, the Zamfara state government announced in August 2023 that the terrorist has embraced a peace pact and has agreed to drop his weapons.


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