Kafin-Lemo — A Bauchi Community Where Pupils Learn Inside Collapsed Classes

School children in Kafin-Lemo, a community in Ningi local government area of Bauchi State continue to receive lessons under collapsed structures despite inclusion of their school in the 2022 Zonal Intervention Projects of the Federal Government.

Five teachers control 579 pupils in the school. Out of the four buildings sighted within the premises of Kafin-Lemo Primary School, three are completely dilapidated.

Tracka, a project monitoring arm of BudgiT reports that only one block of two classrooms and an office is in good shape.

Pupils’ school attendance in the school is seasonal. Harmattan and rainy seasons keep Kafin-Lemo children at home because the classroom structures available cannot support learning during these periods.

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In the event that some pupils found their way to school during either harmattan or rainy seasons by chance, the headteacher and other teachers send them home.

 “It is quite unfortunate for a child to close from school before normal closing time just because the weather is hot or harmattan or rain.

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“We are worried as harmattan is about to start, this is because most pupils might not be coming to school due to the bad conditions of the buildings we are using that have no roofs, doors, windows and furniture.

“Even in the rainy season, this is the same problem we were facing that makes us always send the children home whenever it is about to rain for preventive measures,” Kafin-Lemo headteacher told Tracka with worry and frustration manifesting on his forehead.

He called on elected officials to come to their aid.


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