Katsina Bandit Leader Seeks Help As Rival Group Mounts Pressure

Kachalla Rugga, a bandit leader in Kilili Village of Katsina State, is calling Nigerians to pray for him amid threats from a “strong rival group.”

Rugga revealed the rival group’s name as ‘Yan Kwargo.’

He noted that the group is armed-to-the-teeth with sophisticated weapons and mercenaries.

According him, with acquisition of modern arms, bandits in Zamfara and Katsina States are becoming more powerful than the constituted authorities.

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In a Twitter post by Idris4Peace, a user familiar with conflict matters, Rugga stated that the strongholds of the bandits are the local communities and that the government forces are not of any significance in the areas.

Recently, he arrested who was “stealing” the metal and roofing of abandoned government’s facilities in his strongly. He late handed the thief over to the community.

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The bandits leader while handing over the thief, said he was disturbed by incessant stealing of metals and roofing sheets within the area, hence he set up his boys to monitor the areas in a bid to apprehend the perpetrators of the act.


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