NHA Tasks President Buhari To Fund Hotels Sector To Prevent Lay Off

Hotel owners in the country under the aegis of Nigeria Hotel Association (NHA) have appealed to the Federal Government to intervene in the industry by offering some sort of bail off to avoid the risk of a massive lay off.

National President of NHA, His Highness Eze, Patrick Anyanwu Who spoke to WikkiTimes Newspaper insisted that up till now, they are still expectant that the Federal Government will inject funds into the sector.

According to him, the post effect of the COVID19 pandemic is still fresh, arguing that maintaining the same salary structure and number of staff appears practically impossible without a bailout.

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“As hotel owners, we cannot afford to pay the same salary or keep the same number of workers before the pandemic except there is an intervention and you know Hotel is that one industry that employs massive workers”, he said.

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Lamenting the current concerns of their members, the NHA, National President said, “I constantly receive calls up till now among hotel owners from many States of the country, bitterly complaining that they are still struggling to survive.

“In fact, many of these hotel owners are at the verge of laying off workers, but I encouraged them not to because the government has assured in some of our interactions with them that they will intervene.”

Anyanwu said the intervention was of prime importance “because of how the Hotel industries contribute to economic stability through employment, revenue generations, and attraction of fun seekers.”

“We accommodate these people, particularly foreign ones who like comfort and a conducive environment. “Let me add quickly here that since the beginning of this year, we have had fewer foreigners in our Hotels and I know how much investment these people bring when they come” He said.

Patrick Anyanwu who recognized that some members of their the hotel actually received three months salaries as promised by President Muhammadu Buhari, said, “We appreciate our President, Muhammadu Buhari for releasing three months’ salary for some of our members, even though some complaint, they did not receive it.”

“I blame those directed to release the fund because I am sure Mr. President made the approval, but the one we are much concerned now is the fund meant for Directors and Managers, none has come to us.

“As the money is meant to come in phases, the phases of Directors and Managers are not forthcoming and this where they complain to me that they will likely lay off some workers”, he said.


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