Niger Policeman Jailed for Impregnating Daughter

A police inspector with the Niger Police Command, Gbenga Fajuyi, has been sentenced to 22 years imprisonment for impregnating his 13-year-old daughter.

The police inspector, according to Premium Times, was jailed by a magistrate court presided over by Christy Barau, who described him as a monster.

The magistrate said as a law enforcement officer, the inspector should have protected his daughter, but raped her instead.

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Fajuyi was found guilty of unlawful sexual intercourse, incest, impregnating a minor and criminal intimidation.

According to the police prosecutor, Lawrence Owette, the charges contravened section 18 (2) of the Niger State Child Rights Act 2010, as well as sections 390 25 (3) and 397 B of the state’s penal code.

The police stated that Fajuyi, 47, at some time in 2019, in the Ungwan Nasarawa area of Tafa Local Government lured his biological daughter into his room and forcefully had sexual intercourse with her.

The police prosecutor said: “As a result, she was put into the family way and delivered a baby girl and (Fajuyi) warned her if she told anybody you will kill her.

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“During the police investigation, you, Gbenga Fajuyi confessed to the commission of the offence. After delivery, he took the newborn baby to a nearby river and strangulated the baby to death.”

When the charges were read to Fajuyi, he pleaded guilty, but the court decided to try him due to the serious nature of the offence.

The magistrate requested that the police prosecutor prove his case and bring his witnesses and evidence.

The police called the investigating officer, the girl and her mother as witnesses.

The girl painted a disturbing picture of her father having sexual intercourse with her at twelve years until he impregnated her at thirteen years of age.

“This is sad that this convict who is a police officer and law enforcement officer saddled with the responsibility of protecting lives and properties or fighting crime in society, one would expect him to go the extra mile to protect his own family.

“But he could be this inhuman toward his own biological daughter; a little girl by putting her through all these horrible experiences and putting her in a family way.

“Not only her father failed her; equally, her mother did. As a mother, she could not detect that something was wrong with her daughter until the daughter was close to her full-time pregnancy.

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“One can imagine the psychological torture this girl went through with no one to come to her rescue, not even the mother who is expected to share a special bond with her children, she eventually left them in the cruel hands of a monster,” the magistrate said.

While sentencing him, she pronounced that he is to spend the next 22 years in prison without an option of fine and the jail term is to run consecutively.


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