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Nigerian Develops Model Explaining Misinformation

Isah Nasidi, a young researcher at Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism has developed a model called SAMCAV model which is the first of its kind in the study of information disorder.

The model also uncovered a fourth typology of information disorder which he called dil-information.

Isah in a statement made available to WikkiTimes said the model come at the tail of a six months research fellowship with Kwame Kari-Kari Fact-checking and Research Fellowship. The fellowship brought onboard 17 selected researchers and journalists from four West African countries to study misinformation.

“The SAMCAV model links six elements of information disorder; the Source, Agent, Message, Channel, Audience and Victim,’’ the statement said.

“These elements are involved in the production, distribution and consumption of information disorder.

“Every one of these elements plays a vital role in polluting information which makes it unsafe for consumption,” the statement read in part.

The model will help researchers and policymakers to know how disordered information flows and the effects it causes in society.

Isah is a PhD candidate of Mass Communication, University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) and the Secretary of Communication History Division of International Communication Association (USA).

‘’Conventional communication models such as Harold Lasswell depicts communication as Who says What to Whom with what Effect. However, as abnormal as it is, the information disorder model depicts the flow as Who says What with what Intent through Who and What channel to Whom with what Effect.’’

‘’Moreover, the work discovers the concept of ‘dil-information’,  as the fourth type of information disorder which has never been considered as an independent typology separate from disinformation, misinformation, and malformation.”


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