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Of Geidam’s Hoot: The Irrepulsive ISWAP

By Ali Tijjani Hassan

After a deceitful repulsion and defeated messages that we got from the Yobe state security personnel.

The residents of the Geidam town assured that the terrorists are still  in the town and conscripting or calling up the people to join their crusade through the local printed media (papers) which they are disbursed.

In the late hours of Friday 24th  April 2021 a tallied day of 11th of the Holy month of Ramadan, I came across many news headlines on the ISWAP locally known as Boko Haram invasion of Geidam town. The headquarters of Geidam, local government, Yobe State.

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But at the first time, I thought they just go to press their triggers and snatch foodstuffs and run away, since that we all know that war is Islamically prohibited in this Holy month unless if you are attacked first.

The following morning, I see the headlines again “Boko Haram still in Geidam after 12 hours of invasion”, I wondered and felt afraid of what would happen next.

In the early hours, we received a message from the security personnel stating that fighters have been defeated and sequestered from the town, while the current deafened report from the residents opposed the one from security aid.

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I hope the government should erect boldly to fight and crushed these terrorists rather mislead their entourage citizens.

It’s immensely disappointing when you see the picture of the helpless residents migrating in truck empty-handed to the difference part of the country.

Despite, what the residents said “the terrorists haven’t offend any of them, and they are treating them with brotherly romance” we can see this as a strategic ploy to win their heart and bite them poisonously later.

Alas! When the terrorists can invade one of our towns, based, and make it under their control we are not safe in the whole state at large.

The government should deploy more troops to take necessary action since the matter doesn’t go beyond control.

It’s an aptly abject condition to Nigerian when terrorists can invade one of our towns and called it their state.

God protect Yobe.

God protect Nigeria.

Ali Tijjani Hassan writes from Potiskum, Yobe state, and can be reached via [email protected] or 09011548783.


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