Your Excellency,

Trust this letter meets you well.

Firstly, I commend your untiring commitment and determination that have set the pace for other states to leverage on toward the development of educational sectors in Nigeria. Specifically, the unprecedented progressive infrastructural development in the new model schools, ongoing and remodelled ones. Kogi State has witnessed an uninterrupted academic calendar as a result of your commitment and support to the ministry and stakeholders managing the affairs of education in the State.

Secondly, I want to remind you and your good office, who’s a proponent of quality education and knowledge impartation of the need for your government to look into the condition of the 4 Technical colleges owned by the state. The colleges, in about last two decades, have not received any significant intervention either from the state government or non-governmental organizations. As a result of this, they are all dilapidated. The shortage of these colleges has contributed to a high rate of unemployment among the youth and adolescents who are within the age of apprenticeship.

The NBTE policy document on Technical colleges in Nigeria indicated about 34 trades subjects that are to be taught in the college to enable the students to become self-reliant and employable. However, at our 4 Technical colleges, 10 of these trades are running combined under dilapidated structures, that have almost become hideouts for evil perpetrators. Findings revealed that most of these colleges’ lands have been trespassed by the host communities and nothing has been done by Zonal Education Offices to retrieve them.

It is on this note, that I have come to inform you and appeal, to please consider revitalizing the colleges in your ongoing schools and the Educational sector revamp.

Sometimes in February this year (2022), the Honorable Commissioner, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, in his remarks, during the School Adoption Program, stated that the Governor has given approval for the revitalization of the Technical colleges and NBTE would be coming to provide technical support to the project intervention. He was confident and assured the citizens that it was already preplanned and work commenced sooner. However, 7 months later, nothing happened in the colleges.

Your Excellency, you have demonstrated in time without numbers the importance and value of having knowledge and skills to compete with global counterparts, you have been encouraging youth to take centre stage in enterprises, and one of the ways is through Technical colleges revitalization that’s cost-effective to provide practical skill acquisitions and employability skills to the young teaming youth.

So, my prayer is that you should consider this issue as an appeal for your swift response to the action.


The State can access funds for TVET from the world Bank. Germany and other Asian countries are where we can partner through international relations. In addition to the already existing partnership with the Korean Government.

In fact, with the kind of industries exploring mineral resources in Kogi State, the state can revitalize the 4 colleges with less financial cost implications.

Your Excellency, let’s establish Technical Colleges Trust Fund in Kogi State.

Sir, let’s do educational fundraising appeals specifically for Technical colleges. Gov. Buni of Yobe state did it and it pays him handsomely, Kogi State contributed to that. Your National, State and Local Government fellow politicians are contesting for the 2023 election now, this is an advantage for us to get what we need and give them what they need.

At the appeal fund event, industries can even donate practical materials for the colleges, Kogi sons and daughters at home and away can adopt the colleges, and a community can adopt them too. Let’s try this, you will be amazed by the little committed effort with bumper results.



Hussein Muhammed
[email protected]


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