Party Delegate Gives Back To Community, Donates 5 Motorcycles, Solar Lights In Niger

Isah Ndalowogi, a national delegate from Niger State has given back the money obtained from primary elections to community development.

Ndalowogi who hails from Edati Local Government Area of the state donated five motorcycles and solar street lights to his community. Although, there was no clarification about the political party Ndalowogi was selected as a delegate. 

The motorcycles

According to Crusader Radio, an engaging budding platform in Niger State, Ndalowogi’s community has suffered electricity supply and inadequate social amenities including a poor transportation system.

Ndalowogi (Right) during the donation

Ndalowogi also lamented the government’s indifference to support his community which is a remote village, according to Crusader.

Selecting him to be part of the delegate, he said, was an opportunity to bring succor to his community. 


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