Rukuba Muslim Massacre: A wake Up Call To FG

By : Sani Adamu Hassan

It is disheartening what “Irigwe Youth” did on a gruesome massacre of over 25 Muslim Fulani and several others got injured and some were missing earlier Saturday around Rukuba area, in Plateau state. The victims who are on their way back to their homes after attending a special Jumma’at Dhirk and prayers for peace in Nigeria which is held in Bauchi state.

It’s unfortunate, the victims came far from northern states like Kwara,Kogi, Ekiti and other southern parts of the country to attend the prayers but they were blocked, attacked and killed by the Irigwe youth. What have they done? Just because they are Muslim? Or just because they are Fulani’s.

It is worrisome and pathetic in this country the way innocent souls are being killed every day, taking into cognizant that this traveler went for special prayer for the nation for peace to rain, but they were slaughtered on what basis, just because of their ethnicity or religion.

In the 1999 constitution of Nigeria as amended, every citizen has the right to move everywhere around the country and practice any religion he wants, but this right is not guaranteed because of the recent happenings, and it is very unfortunate that government cannot guarantee the security of innocent citizens traveling to other parts of the country peacefully.

A few years back, such an incident has happened around that area where hoodlums come out in mass with weapons and attack innocent people just because of the Ethnic difference and communal clashes.

Also, General Alkali was attacked and killed on his way to Bauchi state, all this isn’t enough for government to take necessary action against the “Irigwe Youth” on their terrorist act.

Why always Fulani or Muslim travelers, if you want to fight your enemy, you should go and confront them and fight for what you referred to as your right, but just because you are selfish, you will come and attack innocent people and you think you are above the law, ‘enough is enough.

We the Northerners are tired of this condemnation from the Federal and state government, because whenever such things happen the government will come out and condemn the incident and symphatize with the victims without taking any action known to Us.

But if government take serious actions against anyone found guilty, this will help to overcome this issue and it will also help to bring peace to the country, but if necessary care is not taken the order part will take revenge and the issue will become worrisome in the country, which we are not praying for.

At this point, the government should stand up to its responsibility by protecting the life and property of the citizen, also to fish out the perpetrators and bring them to justice, it is very high time for the government to teach them in the language that they will understand.

We want justice, we want the government to prosecute the perpetrators and their sponsors. We pray to Allah to forgive the shortcomings of the deceased and make them amongst the “Shuhada”, and also give their families and love once the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.


Comr Sani Adamu Hassan writes from the Dept of Mass Communication, ATAPOLY Bauchi.
[email protected]


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