Sa’adu Zungur University: An Immortalisation Of A Sage

Adamu Muhammad Hamid PhD

With the historic deed of His Excellency, Governor Bala Abdulkadir Muhammad (Kauran Bauchi) of repealing the Law 2010 on the Establishment of Bauchi State University, Gadauand signing a new Law 2020, establishing Sa’adu Zungur University, on Friday, 5th August, 2022, the governor introduces a revolutionary dimension to the long-awaited hope and struggle to give a more deserving and befitting honor in the immortalization of the late Mal. Sa’adu Zungur. The late legend lived between 1914 and 1958.

Behold! The time has arrived with this watershed Executive Ceremony of Signing-in Law 2020 to rename a citadel of learning after this great prescient thinker, prolific writer, astute journalist, progressive activist, nationalist politician, gifted orator, poet, and perspicacious intellectual.

Mal. Sa’du Zungur had during his life time in the struggle to emancipate the society from shackles of political bondage, mass illiteracy, social inequality and emasculation of freedom of expression, rendered unwavering commitment and zeal totransforming the society in the perspectives of a more progressive, dynamic and informed environment with equal and available opportunities for all to contribute, for the collective public interest and development.   ​

His untiring efforts, dedication, zeal and commitment demonstrated during his life time in the political arena, especially teaming up with Dr Nnamdi Azikwe as Secretary-General of National Council of Nigeria and the Cameroons (NCNC); and in journalism when he served as correspondentand syndicate columnist for the frontline newspapers of his time: Nigeria Review, West African Pilot, Eastern Nigeria Guardian, Nigerian Spokesman, Southern Nigeria Defender, and Daily Comet, and Jaridar Gaskiya Ta Fi Kwabo; in social mobilization as he formed and used forums such as  Hausa Youth Keep Fit ClassNorthern Nigeria Youth Movement (Zaria Friendly Society),  Northern Provinces General Improvement Union, Bauchi Discussion Circle, and Bauchi General Improvement Union. In intellectual engagements he was involved actively in writing incisive poems for information dissemination, community mobilization, and political awareness and consciousness, as in his Arewa Jumhuriya Ko Mulukiya, Jihadin Neman SawabaWakar Bid’a, Maraba Da Soja, and so on. All these cumulatively turned around the fortunes of thepolitical tide and galvanized the frontline activists, especially in the northern part of the country for mass political movement and consciousness that laid the golden foundation of today’s legacies.

Back in 1958 at the eve of the Country’s Independence, his demise was like a meteor fallen, because late Sa’adu Zungurwas regarded as one of the finest political activists, and great social mobilizers the country has so far produced. His contributions in varying spheres of human lives will continue to be remembered and appreciated for many generations ahead.

Late Zungur possessed strength in humility accentuated by tolerance, perseverance, intellectual aura and fine character. A resilient personality, he had an inbuilt personage of a focused visionary ideologue with remarkable abilities in variety of intellectual accomplishments, mentorship in matters of political sagacity and professional touches.

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Although many honors and recognitions have been recorded appreciating the contribution of Sa’adu Zungur, one understands the strong feeling of Bauchi state government, through the laudable initiative of the Ministry of Education under Dr Aliyu Usman Tilde at this auspicious time to take the bold decision ofposthumous renaming the state University after the legendary Mal. Sa’adu Zungur. This is based on the recognition of the immense contributions of this visionary personality in thepolitical character of people in the North, and the societal transformational agenda he led and struggled for, throughout his lifetime.

In the great task he carved out for himself and those who believe in this principle and vision, he proved that he was on a mission for accomplishment, and he did that with grace and style. In the pursuance of this, he demonstrated collective leadership drive, a quest for excellence and perfection, a goal for productive re-engineering of a society, a vision for strategic planning and a towering intellectual capacity for fashioning and envisioning, just for the common interest of the general society.

In the course of his educational career, journalism practice and social struggles in life, Mall. Sa’adu Zungur established friendship, mutual understanding and alliance across political divides, religious distinct and cultural barriers. In all, he was a bridge builder, an exemplar personage, progressive thinker and a suave planner for network actions to build and unite a society, under a just and virile system. These are some of good qualities one wishes to see the Sa’adu Zungur University, Gadau producein the quality of its students.

Therefore, in this welcome and bold step, Gov. Kaura has poseda big challenge for the crop of modern-day politicians and social activists that the society would have wished that they fulfilledthe promise of emulating or imbibing the footprints of shining stars and our heroes past, lived up to expectation by implementing and entrenching the vision Sa’adu Zungur had for our emergence as a strong and vibrant society. As we are at the cross-roads of political history and revolution in the quest forgood governance, this is the easiest and surest way fortransforming the social life of the society in all ramifications.

Kudos to Bauchi state to both His Excellency, Senator Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed (Kauran Bauchi), and his Hon. Commissioner of Education, Dr Aliyu Usman Tilde for the initiative of immortalizing one of our heroes, and equally thump-up for the 9th Bauchi State House of Assembly (BAHA) for the critical scrutiny and quick passage of the Bill on the Establishment of Sa’adu Zungur University, Gadau. No doubt, both the State Government and the State House of Assembly have done their part, and in immense and immeasurable standard. The ball now goes to the court of the University administration to actualize and implement the policy framework and plans initiated. 

To go with Gov. Kaura in fulfilling its part, the University will be expected to enunciate a practical immortalization of the late legend, by instituting a Day in Sa’adu Zungur’s honor and memory like Sa’adu Zungur Day or dedicate its convocation lecture as Sa’adu Zungur Lecture, which will be marked annually by featuring intellectual discussions on developing the capacity of the mind of citizens. Again, the University can make our own society proud by molding and producing students, worthy in learning and character, and of course responsible minds ready and braced up for actualizing an egalitarian society dreamed in the lofty vision of Dr Sa’adu Zungur (Honoraris causa).

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