Senator Suleiman Nazif’s Anti Northern Sentiment And Hawking Of River Dollars

By Salaman Danladi Maianguwa

In the midst of political permutations for various positions in Nigeria, politicians are eking desperate moves to ensure that their bread is buttered consistently and sufficiently, either through contesting for elective offices or merging as support groups. Those championing support groups are lightweight politicians with mirage hope of being elected into office, therefore purging alliances to invigorate their resurfacing to the political limelight.

The likes of senator Nazif Suleman Gamawa (former deputy National Chairman PDP) whose recent antics of championing the support group for The Executive Governor of Rivers state Wike, is to butter his bread against northern sentiments.     

The senator against all odds, formulate a group of dysfunctional status, organize fake appeal fund to purchase presidential nomination and interest form of forty million naira (40,000,000) for Wike, the Executive Governor of Rivers state to contest the position of President of Federal Republic of Nigeria under Peoples Democratic Party.

The improvise support groups Northern Progressive element and Northern conservative forum for Wike under the leadership of senator Nazif was mere procreation of negativity and naivety, is a misplaced priority in the highest order taking into consideration the political history of Nazif whose first political breakthrough was in 2003, the then Vice President Atiku Abubakar Single-handedly influence his election as House of Representatives members under Peoples Democratic Party.

Having foreseen the dangers of his actions in PDP he de-camp to ACN and contested for senator and became a second runner, the resignation of the candidate of ANPP (former Deputy Governor Abdulmalik Mahood) gave Nazif the legal opportunity to become Senator.

Nazif in 2015 was later elected as senator again under the win-fall of APC, and returned to PDP in 2019 contested and lost the election, and in the company of Senator Bala Mohammed Executive governor of Bauchi State, he swindles the position of Deputy National Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party.

Senator Nazif never involve himself in anything without lurking green benefits sighted in the project. His ambition to produce Wike as President is to be joined in the ticket as Vice president. This is personal ego and has nothing to do with the progress of Bauchi state nor Nigeria as a whole.

Too eager to be noticed and be re-admitted in to circle of critical national players in the PDP politics having lost out the contest for national chairman, Nazif need to do the needful, to use anti-northern sentiment and create opposition for Turakin Adamawa in the hope of gaining more card for negotiating for his interest to be served.

The senator was keen about Wike’s formidability, reliability and courage to face the presidency tussle, but negate to mention states of hope in northern Nigeria where the groups’ northern progressive element and northern conservative forum can muster 25% constitutional required votes for Wike. We in the northern PDP concern group believe that the project of Wike championed by Senator Nazif is a serious anti northern project and distance ourselves from it.

We urge the PDP delegates all over Nigeria to disregard this project as it is aimed to cause distraction in our dear party aimed at aiding the success of the ruling party in the general election of 2023. This is an action against his people for the satisfaction of his personal interest; Senator Nazif is alive but his actions have killed him as a politician devoid of substances.

Salaman Danladi Maianguwa, National Chairman For Concern Northern PDP Alliance


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