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Stray Bullet Allegedly Kills 2 in Kaduna Shi’ites Protest

The protest by members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) “Shites,” which took place in Kaduna state on Thursday, has resulted in the killing of two individuals.

The protesters were demonstrating against the suspected killing of innocent people in Palestine.

It was gathered that the protesters were heading to the state office of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) to submit a letter when a misunderstanding broke out with the security agents.

According to The Nigerian Tribune, one of the two victims who suffered from stray bullets was a commercial motorcyclist, and the other was a passerby.

An eyewitness who narrated how the incident happened explained that the police fired teargas and shot indiscriminately to disperse the protesters, which resulted in the killing of two persons.

“A stray bullet killed the Okada man, but his passenger was lucky; he survived. The Okada man has a twin brother who later came and held his dead brother, crying.”

A stray bullet hit the other victim, who was around the chicken market in the state capital.

In his reaction, a leader of the group, Aliyu Umar Tirmidhi, noted that they were on a peaceful protest to express their disappointment with the killing of Palestinians.

“The Israeli occupiers have for the past 75 years been unleashing genocide, ethnic cleansing and apartheid on the unarmed civilians that include men, women and children.”

He explained that “they have murdered thousands of children and the aged and have demolished houses and worship places of innocent civilians. The Zionist Israel has abused the sanctity of the holy Mosque of Al-Aqsa and terrorized innocent worshipers that visit the place.”

“In recent times, the Zionist Israel has increased its atrocities on the good people of Palestine where they have been using internationally banned weapons on innocent civilians and even attacked hospitals, killing innocent people. It is an understatement to say that the United States of America is providing funds in the name of military aid worth $3.27 billion annually to Israel.”

“The oppressed people of Palestine and indeed human-minded people from all over the world have risen against these atrocities. We call on all kind-hearted individuals across the world to lend their voices in support of the oppressed Palestinians and condemn Israel and her cohorts. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon you all.”

The Police in the state, through the public relations officer, Assitant Superintendent of Police (ASP), Mansir Hassan, while criticising the actions of the demonstrators, alleged that only one individual was killed.

“Our men were on the street to ensure that there was no breakdown of law. Our men were not responsible but them,” he noted.

Stray Bullet Allegedly Kills 2 in Kaduna Shi'ites Protest 1
Linus Egwu


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