Technical Adviser for Bauchi’s Wikki Tourist Resigns After Home Defeat

Adamu Abdullahi, Technical Adviser for Bauchi-owned Wikki Tourists football team has resigned from his position following a home defeat on Sunday.

He said the resignation was necessary as he was not given the chance to express expertise to the team.

Adamu was appointed the team’s technical adviser after his predecessor Kabiru Dogo resigned barely a month ago.

He said: “You may wish to recall that since I assumed duty as Technical Adviser, I have not been accorded the opportunity to fully exercise the functions of the office of Technical Adviser due to management’s interference and inability to take their responsibilities during league matches, which is public knowledge.

“This action of the management has rendered me helpless thereby affecting the recent performance of the club and also threatening my career.

“Consequently, based on the above-stated reason, I hereby resign my appointment as Technical Adviser with immediate effect.

“I wish to also register my appreciation to the management for the opportunity given to me to serve as Technical Adviser to Wikki Tourists FC.”

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