Terrorists Schedule Eid Prayers in ‘Conquered’ Borno Neighborhoods

The members of the Islamic State in West Africa Province (ISWAP)  are reported to have finalized schedules to perform eid prayers in some of the areas under their control, today (Saturday).

Credible sources according to Daily Trust said Boko Haram members have cleared grounds around the shores of the Lake Chad and Sambisa forest and would observe the Eid-el-Kabir prayer there.

The sources, therefore, called on security agencies to address the audacity of the terrorists saying they aim at such gatherings for massive recruitments of innocent people into their group.

WikkiTimes gathered that one of the sources said even though Nigerian security forces have ousted Boko Haram warriors from many villages and forested areas in Borno and neighbouring Yobe State, they are still slithering around in numerous communities.

“The terrorists are fully mobilised for celebrations at many  on the Lake Chad and their enclaves in Sambisa Forest,” he said.

The tons of the terrorists in Nigeria taints the country’s image at the international level, another source said.

“It is unthinkable the way they release videos of their atrocities. Such videos show that once the terrorists go out for their operations, they would do it with ease because nobody can stop them.

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“The videos they released recently after the attack on Kuje prison is one bad example that showed our weak links. And unless something is done, they would also release videos of their eid prayers.

“They would release their propaganda videos slaughtering their sacrificial animals to the chagrin of those in authority…I am calling on our security forces to act by decimating them,” he said.

According to another source, with the dawn of the rainy season, Nigerian troops are impeded by environmental conditions which are deterring their operations. 

He added they cannot gain entry into many communities this period, allowing for the terrorists to resuscitate their supplies and logistics, as well as recruit unguarded youths ahead of prospective battles.

The troops had lost a golden chance during the dry season when hundreds of terrorists came out of their enclaves and repented, he pointed out.

“Why didn’t we finish the terrorists’ campaign in the North East this year? We had thousands surrendering, weakening the fighting spirits of the terrorists, but we could not clear the Tunbus, surroundings of Timbuktu Triangle and Sambisa Forest.

“Now we are bound to wait until the end of the rainy season to kick start another operation. 

“Why haven’t we done enough to acquire all weather APC and  AFV and constantly revert to seasonal warfare?

“Does this mean, knowing that our North East flanks or neighbours are our most vulnerable porous security concern, yet, no efforts towards acquisition of these all important weapons?

“Must we wait till tomorrow when the Chadian or Cameroonian forces enter Maiduguri before we rush to the markets?

“Is the military waiting for Buhari’s handing over before clearing the terrorists or to use it as an election campaign strategy?” he queried.


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