The Sick-Age of Bulkachuwa’s Representation Isn’t Funny Any More

by Babangida Yunusa

Hundreds of indigenous people of Bauchi North Senatorial District decide to march down to protest the long absence of our Senator, who has been away for nearly nine months.

Senator Bulkachuwa-The Sarki Bai of Katagum was not even around to welcome the Emir of Katagum due to his health conditions. He cannot withstand a three hours journey by road. What I need to say is that nobody elected Bulkachuwa so that he will not perform because of old age or health conditions.

What health condition does Bulkachuwa has?

 Obviously, it’s hugely different if he had a major stroke versus if he need a little thyroid replacement, for example. We look at functional status. How far and fast can he walk? How nimble is his mind? And all these things vary tremendously. So, it’s harder in old age to use the age per se. Although I have to agree with his composure of experiences, and I do think this is a right point at which he will retire to adequately mentor the younger generation. Such a grueling choice of representation does go down because we become more tired as we get into advanced old age.

I’m not saying that Bulkachuwa  is a bad representative. He is a good man with true sense of efficient leadership capabilities and abilities. But he cannot lead our senatorial district. As things stand right now, our own Bulkachuwa should honourably resign or be recalled. The destiny of our people is greater than Senator Adamu.  Whatever brought him in should send him back.

Look at our graveyards, we are not even asking for pivotal projects from him, but respect as human beings. He is receiving salary in the name of Katagum, he should respect our mankind: pay condolences, symphatize with our losses and the least celebrate with us when the need arises. The continuity of Bulkachuwa means a total disaster to Bauchi North Senatorial District.

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Remember, Bulkachuwa’s age brings complications, especially for the task of representing us as demanding as the red chamber. While his physical impairment that requires retirement is generally apparent, although his visible   neurological conditions can be less obvious.  Changes in thinking are often subtle and take longer to be recognized. We may look at Cognitive functioning which involves a range of factors, including attention, memory, problem-solving, decision-making and processing speed. Studies have shown that these functions decline at different rates with aging.

The normal aging conferred to Bulkachuwa is associated with mild distractibility, less efficient processing of information and mild difficulty doing two things at once, learning new things about the modern politics, and solving novel problems governing his constituents.

Save one, save all, sign our petition register.

Babangida Yunusa writes from Bauchi


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