What Is Next After Forming The PRP Unity Forum And What Is Different This Time Around?

My expectation as a member of this great party (PRP), after coming up with the idea of PRP UNITY FORUM is not for fun, but to bring like minds together and begin a new approach (actions rather than rhetorics) to solving our problems probably from a different perspective this time around. As we have waited for so long for a messier from outer space to come and salvage us practically from ourselves and that is not forthcoming. Therefore, we as a matter of urgency need to have a change of approach going forward.

I may as well not have a readily available solution in plain sight at the moment, but collectively with sincerity of purpose and sacrifice, we shall conquer our greatest obstacles.

Politics is local they use to say and it’s very true for the practitioners and if we are going to succeed ever in building or rebuilding a great party in PRP, then we must embrace this painful reality.

We must begin to engage ourselves at all party levels (National, States, Local Governments, Wards and Branches) with less emphasis on the National. As after 2023 National or General Elections, it will be a time for The INEC to assess all political parties and probably deregister the non-performing ones and those found wanting will get the axe, may that never be the portion of our beloved PRP!

Some critical minds have kept asking me about our purpose of being here on the PRP UNITY FORUM, since other attempts in the past have failed to reunite the party, to those having this thought, here are my few thoughts and answers.

hose who sincerely have kept struggling to bring back unity and reconciliation in the party has not failed, but they have invariably succeeded in laying the foundation for further engagements, as, without the initial efforts, they believe that it is still possible to come together will be very slim.

It is MAO who rightly pointed out in his article on practice that failure is the mother of success, as a fall in a pit is again to your wit. Therefore, we have no option than to sincerely keep trying to bring back sanity into our great party (PRP) no matter the price that must be paid.

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In reconciling ourselves as a family, we must cage our ego, self-esteem and remove the do you know who I am mentality and syndrome going forward, as the Hausa saying, “Durkusa wa wada ba gajiyawa bane” will always make sense to those who decide to make use of their senses.

We must reach out to one another, despite our apparent documented differences in perception, intention and world outlook on those issues that further divide rather than unite us. Meaning, we must build bridges even where we felt there is no need for one, where necessary.

Change of approach is very key, where the finding solutions from the above have failed, we need to come down to the lower levels of the party. That is what I’m simply postulating here. One-on-One engagement or dialogue may hold the key and the answer.

Every state actor must start reaching out to the other side of the divide within the PRP Family in the state to see to the possibility of forging ahead in unity, though, it has its challenges, but believe me, it’s possible and we are going to exploit every possibility.

We Must also collectively realised that those who don’t mind what happened to the party at their states, so long as they have a role to play at the centre, are part of our problems and my call to them is, the party must survive first before anything and the key to the survival of the party is presenting candidates in 2023 and winning elections and anything short of these is not worth the fight.

Finally, in my candid but humble view, anything less than what we achieved in 2019 in the General Elections, is totally unacceptable by all standards. Therefore, as we keep fighting to protect the party’s ideology and objectives or to promote our collective or individual interest as the case may be, let us fight with our brains wide open, thinking of the future of the party (PRP) after 2023 as well.

Long Live PRP (Victory)!
Long Live The Federal Republic of Nigeria!!

By: Barr Idrees Gambo,
Former PRP State Chairman Bauchi & Legal Adviser, Bauchi State Chapter.


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