With Help of Laboratory Attendant, Desperate Gombe Man Faked Genotype Results to Marry His Lover — ‘They Birthed Sickler’

Aminu Waziri (not real name), an aged father in the metropolis of Gombe State relived how a desperate lover conspired with a laboratory attendant to fake genotype results as a prerequisite to marrying his daughter. Nine months later, the conspiracy fired back and they gave birth to a sickler. They are likely to birth more… Hafsah Muhammed Ibrahim reports.

Whenever Waziri sees his daughter (name withheld), he quickly concludes “man cannot escape his destiny.” He believes destiny begot his daughter what had happened.

The aged father was unaware he had given his daughter to a man desperate to have her as his wife. This is despite their negating compatibility. The genotype result the man presented to him was faked and he never knew.

Waziri told WikkiTimes that his daughter and her suitor had visited Pantami Primary Health Care some two years ago to carry out a genotype compatibility test before deciding to join them together as husband and wife.


The result, however, was not in favour of the marriage. A laboratory attendant who carried out the genotype test had tipped the would-be groom the outcome of the test. But the results were altered as requested by the suitor.

Although, Waziri claimed the laboratory attendant was the suitor’s friend.

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“I guess the young man was drunk in love with my daughter,” Waziri said. “So he decided to conspire with his friend to alter the test results.”

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The results were presented and the marriage was conducted in merriment. Sadly, everything fell off nine months after the wedding.

However, Waziri claimed his daughter had no idea what the husband had done. 


The couple, after giving birth nine months later, started facing the consequences of their actions as their new born baby kept falling sick. Medical doctors would later confirm that the baby was sickle cell. 

“We were all shocked; my family and my in-laws,” Waziri told WikkiTimes. “So we asked the couple to go carry out another test and when the result came out,  it turned out that both parents were AS.”

“I was even more shocked and when I recall the hospital that carried out the test,  I accused them of issuing fake results and I threatened to sue them in court,” he added.

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In his defense,  the laboratory attendant argued that there was a fault in the machine that was used to conduct the test “that very day.”

Waziri explained that the truth of the matter was later revealed after a series of investigations. The perpetrator was reported to the hospital authorities who promised to sanction him, he recalled.

Waziri would later instigate a divorce, but his daughter is in love.

“My daughter said she is not leaving her husband because she still loves him despite all that,” he said.

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Waziri grudgingly conceded to reality and the family concentrated on the sick baby.

He further expressed his fears and uncertainties concerning the union, saying, “we continue to live in fear of how many more sickle cells she might have to bore.”

WikkiTimes in September, carried out an undercover investigation to expose how some hospitals in Gombe State — for a token —  issue out fake genotype certificates to people for different reasons.

The investigation rocked the state’s health system as the Association of Medical Laboratory Scientists of Nigeria (AMLSN), Gombe State chapter, pledged to ensure the exposed health workers are prosecuted.


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