After Bauchi Govt Okays Uni-Gender Schools, List of School Released

Bauchi State Government has explained how the new arrangement of secondary schools would be following an approval to separate male students from female students in classes.

Recall that early this month, Commissioner of Education in the state, Dr Aliyu Usman Tilde announced that plans have been concluded to separate boys from girls in all public schools in the state.

He explained that the idea was conceived to address moral decadence in the schools which according to him become prevalent among the students.

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Dr Tilde in a statement on Thursday in Bauchi which was made available to WikkiTimes, listed public schools to be run exclusively for girls and boys.

Schools designed to host only female students include Bayara GGDSS (morning), Birshin Fulani GGDSS, Games village GGDSS, GTC GGDSS, Kofar Idi GGDSS, Kofar Wambai GGDSS, Miri GGDSS (morning), Sa’adu Zungur GGDSS, Tudun Salmanu GGDSS and Jibril Aminu GGDSS.

Others are Cheledi GGDSS, Dambam GGDSS, Dass Gyamas GGDSS, Giade GGDSS, Misau GGDSS(MWSS),Misau Mangari GGDSS, Ningi Manu GGDSS, Tilden Fulani GGDSS, Toro Gyamzo GGDSS, Azare Ahmed Turaki GGDSS, Nasarawa GGDSS and Tsakuwa GGDSS.

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Those arranged to host male students exclusive of female students are Bauchi Army barracks GDSS, Bakari Dukku GCDSS, Bakari Dukku GDSS, Bayara GDSS (Afternoon), BSADP GDSS, Dr Ibrahim Tahir GDSS, Federal Lowcost GDSS, Bauchi GCDSS, GTC (afternoon), Tambar GDSS, Miri GDSS (afternoon) and Gwallameji GCDSS.

Others are Azare Baba Kafinta GDSS, Azare GCDSS, Azare GDSS, Dass GDSS, Kirfi GSS, Misau Fawari GDSS, Nabordo GDSS, Ningi GDSS, Ningi Sabuwar Tiffi GDSS and Tilden Fulani GCDSS.


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