ALLEGED BRIBE-TAKING LAWMAKERS (8): Raheem Tunji Olawuyi — Kwara  Politician Who ‘Claimed’ Projects Facilitated by Late Predecessor

Raheem Tunji Olawuyi commonly called Ajuloopin is a member of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and also a member of the Federal House of Representatives representing Ekiti/Irepodun/Isin/and Oke-Ero Federal Constituency of Kwara state.

He is among the 37-man committee of lawmakers indicted of taking bribes from federal agencies and institutions they were investigating for job racketeering, according to a PREMIUM TIMES investigation.

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Ajuloopin was elected in a bye-election to replace the late Funke Adedoyin, a member of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)  who died November last year.

Supporters of the late lawmaker, however, alleged scandalous conduct of their principal’s successor for claiming to have facilitated some selected rural roads in the Irepodun community. They argued that the project was done by the late lawmakers.

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“The late Adedoyin facilitated the project but was delayed because of lack of cash-backing from the Presidency under the Border Community Development Agency, Abuja before her demise,” National Pilot Newspaper quoted a constituent to have said.

The PREMIUM TIMES investigation revealed that the lawmakers allegedly took bribes amounting to N267 million through a proxy from the federal institutions they were probing. Being the head of the committee, Gagdi, a lawmaker representing the Pankshin/Kanam/Kanke federal constituency in Plateau State refuted the allegations.

On Tuesday, August 15, some committee members met with heads of the nation’s federally-owned universities, comprising 51 vice-chancellors, and secretly negotiated a N2 million bribe from each of them to let them off the hook. Afterwards, the vice-chancellors were given an account number: 5400495458, domiciled in Providus Bank, to pay [the bribe] into.

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The lawmakers even instructed the vice-chancellors to “clearly indicate the name of the institution in the payment invoice, PREMIUM TIMES reported.

In separate meetings, negotiated a N3 million bribe with rectors of the 35 federally-owned polytechnics and provosts of the 27 federally-owned colleges of education.


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