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‘Buaaarii, Buhaaariii… Shege Dan Buari’? — Many Comics Just from One Presidential Candidate

Bola Ahmed Tinubu, presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), was in Jos, Plateau State on November 15, 2022, for a flag-off campaign. His efforts to praise Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria’s president, however, was greeted with backlashes from social media users.

Without any unhindered attention, everyone would think Tinubu had called the president bastard — shege in Hausa — when he was screaming the president’s name with his throaty voice before concluding with that word (shege) that was widely misheard.

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“Buaaariiiii…Buhaaariii…Buahaaari!!… Shege dan Buhari.” — These were the words an unattentive ear would hear. But he was actually saying: “Buaaariiiii…Buhaaariii…Buahaaari!!… Say it again, Buhari.”


On several occasions, Tinubu had amused and entertained netizens, with gestures and inactions that have been deemed comical as a result of “failing health and ageing.” 

His apparently sluggish attitude has been chastised by political opponents and jested by netizens across social media platforms. He had on many occasions, uttered incoherent words and worse;  forgotten the acronym of his political party, APC.

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During his campaign in Jos, Tinubu had a slip of the tongue in his speech, when he said God bless “PD…APC”. The shock was apparent on the faces of the people around him on the stage. 

Speculations pinned these dysfunctionality on possible dementia and other health issues that are drug abuse related. Recall that there are allegations of hard drugs against him.


Two days after the comics in Jos,  Tinubu, while speaking to press men uttered some incoherent words in his speech that sounded that ‘Baba Blue’.  But the embattled president was just saying some gibberish loosely captured as: “Bala blu, blu blu, bula ba.”

Aside entertaining netizens, the episode brought back nostalgic memories of the popular advert of the Baba Blue mint candies dated the to the late 90s.

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In another video, Tinubu was heard saying “PDP is a tear, tear Umbrelleta”… instead of an umbrella. In yet another video, the candidate mispronounced multiplication as “mutilipications”



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