Contrary to Popular Narrative, Gurasa Originates from Borno, Not Kano

Gurasa, a locally baked bread, is popular in Kano State. A short video documentary, however, argues that its origins can be traced to Borno.

A Twitter user and journalist known as Hausa Guy, explained that Gurasa was introduced to Kano as far back as 1847.

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History has it that two men from Borno state; Runguje and Liman Chediya migrated to Kano with their families and Runguje’s wife, Rakiya, who knew how to bake Gurasa, started baking plain bread using wheat dough. 

Gradually, residents of their area, now known as Cediyan Gurasan Kano (named after Mallam Chediya), embraced the delicacy, which is dressed with spices and vegetables.

Cediyan Yan Gurasa is now a renowned area in Kano and one of the indigenous areas in the town, prominent for the local bread.

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Due to its prevalence in the state, Gurasa has gained ground as a profitable and indigenous business to many locals, especially women. Most of the women in Cediyan Yan Gurasa are into the business. They bake the bread at home using clay pots called Tanderu and sticks as firewood. 

As a food, Gurasa comes in different recipes. It is sometimes mixed with suya or dressed with peanut paste. 

The locally made bread can also be found beyond the borders of Kano. It is also common in other states in Northern Nigeria.


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