FUK Student Loses N101,000 to Fraudulent Transaction at UBA, Bank Claims Helplessness

In a distressing incident, a student from the Federal University, Kashere, Gombe, has lost a whopping N101,00 to a fraudulent transaction at the United Bank for Africa in April, 2021.

Jennifer Nguveren Bamve found herself at the unfortunate end of a fraudulent transaction, revealing how she lost a substantial N101,000 at the United Bank for Africa (UBA) in April 2021.

Jennifer described the disheartening moment when she realized the large sum was missing from her UBA account. She discovered this after attempting a mobile banking transaction one evening, only to discover the money was mysteriously absent from her account.

“I did not receive any debit alert nor did I carry out any transaction prior to that. So I contacted the customer care that night who confirmed that money was debited from my account and then I asked her to block the account,” Jennifer recounted.

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Her frustration grew as she continued her efforts to resolve the issue. Jennifer lost count of the number of times she visited the bank in Abuja to report her case. On each occasion, she was either asked to wait or submit a copy of her bank account statement.

“I got tired of the futile visits and one day, I asked to see the Bank Manager. They told me he wasn’t available, so they asked a representative to attend to me. But the person told me that despite evidence of a debit alert, there was nothing they could do to retrieve my money.

“I suspected foul play with the bank because how can money be debited from my account and a transaction alert was not sent to me? The bank claimed that it was network issues but up till date, I haven’t received an alert on that transaction but it is reflecting on my statement of account,” she said.

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Jennifer harbored suspicions of foul play within the bank. She questioned how money could be debited from her account without a transaction alert being sent to her. The bank attributed the issue to network problems, but to this day, she has not received an alert for that transaction, even though it is reflected on her account statement.

Adding to the complexity of the situation, Jennifer discovered that the unauthorized transaction was traced to a point-of-sale (POS) station in Lagos State, a location she had never visited. She diligently followed up on her case at the UBA branch in Makurdi, Benue State, but little to no progress was made.

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“I also attempted to meet with the bank manager in Makurdi, but I was informed that he was not available. The lady who attended to me plainly stated that there was nothing the bank could do to recover my money,” she added.

Despite her relentless efforts, an email sent to UBA regarding her case remained unanswered as of the time of filing this report.

In January this year, WikkiTimes had reported how the same UBA bank mysteriously withdrew a significant sum of N109,000 belonging to Feyishade Adejoke, a student at the Federal University of Technology (FUT) in Minna, Niger State.

The money was transferred from her account through a mobile app, even though she neither possessed the application on her phone nor had she activated a USSD code for her UBA account.

Jennifer’s ordeal serves as a reminder of the persistent issue within many Nigerian banks, including UBA, where resolving fraudulent transactions remains an ongoing challenge. This often leaves customers in a state of helplessness when confronted with such troubling situations.


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