Gamawo – Bauchi Community Where Contaminated Stream is the Only Source of Water

Locals in Gamawo, one of the communities in Bauchi, the capital of Bauchi State, have to trek to a far-distance stream to get water for their daily usage – yet, the water is contaminated.

For over forty years, residents have been relying on running water from a nearby stream all year round as their only source of drinking water.

A resident of the area (name withheld) told Mustapha Muhammed Baba, a Coordinator of a Non-governmental Organization ‘BuildAwell’ that with no other alternative, locals especially women troop into the contaminated stream day and night to fetch water, saying they were lucky now that it is rainy season, the water is continuously flowing.

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“For over forty years this is where we are fetching water all year round. We are experiencing water scarcity in this area, especially during the dry season. We are appealing for assistance”.

“As you can see yourself, this is how we access water which is contaminated with different things inside. This is how we drink it, please send our appeal to your organization to help us with water”, said the stern-looking young man.

The locals in the village fetch water from the stream and directly use it mindless of communicable diseases – but they don’t have any alternative.

“We don’t even boil or purify the water, it is only God that is protecting us. We just fetch and drink it with everything inside. Even this one you are seeing is pure as we are in the rainy season, during the dry season you will see a lot of things inside”, added the resident.

The locals appealed to both the government and other organizations to help them provide accessible and safe drinking water to alleviate their suffering.

When contacted by WikkiTimes, Ibrahim Babagana, Mobilization Officer, Bauchi State Rural Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Agency RUWASSA said the agency is trying its best to reach out to all rural communities that lack accessible drinking water as it is the mandate of the agency to provide water to rural areas.

“So far all these local communities would be provided with drinking water, it is mandatory for us to provide them with water. I have written down the name of the area and will check to find out what is the actual problem in the area but I assure you that God willing they will get a good source of water constructed”, he said.


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